A Scenario to Think About

I do you, I’ll do me. I ain’t step away from R when the SHTF.

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Not even when you expect someone to shoot at you, you’d rather she be the backstop?

Just, food for thought on what qualifies as “away” and why

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This friendly debate identifies why I asked this question. I see validity in both points of view.

I think it would depend on the scenario and where everyone is positioned, too. If I have a kid on both sides of me, I can’t exactly move laterally. I might have to move at a 45 degree angle to get in front while still getting some lateral motion in there. Then, can I get laterally far enough to draw fire away or am I just drawing fire with a different “backstop”? Probably depends on the environment.

In the OP the gun was shown by the attacker but not yet pulled. Depending on the distance between you and the attacker, moving forward (maybe to get space to draw) directly at the attacker while drawing your firearm and immediately putting rounds into the bad guy might be the best idea. The whole “speed, surprise, and violence of action” idea. Getting closer also (theoretically) increases the hit rate.

I appreciate the thought provoking dialog. You both are making me think!


Remind me again what the definition of is is.

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Getting into a who can draw fastest situation is not ideal and I never show my concealed firearm as a warning. If I lift my concealment garment I intend to draw, period.
When I am in a situation as you described I always carry $10 in one dollar bills folded and paperclipped in a pocket. That way if such an attempted robbery occurred I would raise my hands and take a step back. Tell the suspect “OK I am reaching for my cash.” Throw the wad of cash on the ground. When the suspect bends over to pick it up I have my best chance to escape, or draw my firearm (depending on state law, stand your ground or duty to retreat).


Not a bad plan.

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I would dial 911 and let the police know immediately what took place. That first call can set you up as the victim.
Personally I think you would be OK as he initiated the threat and you have witnesses with you to help back up your story


Don’t show it. USE it. A bonafide threat has been made.


I’m no expert, but it seems to me that, even if showing your weapon causes the scumbag to back off (the win-win scenario for both of you), he STILL has a gun that he can shoot at you, if he gets a few steps away and changes his tiny mind. I guess if he turns tail, you should move in the opposite direction, just as fast, and keep going until you reach a place of safety. Having said that, I agree with the members who say, “Don’t just show him yours. Draw it and use it, unless he immediately shows you his backside.”

There have been cases like this in Jacksonville, Florida, where the good guy drew his gun but did not fire, because the bad guy ran away, and then called the police with a brandishing complaint and the good guy got arrested.
So, my advice is, don’t draw unless shooting is justified, and then shoot before the bad guy turns around to run away, unless he raises his hands to surrender real fast.


The #1 fix to that scenario is to call 911 yourself as soon as it is safe to do so. Then call the number on the back of your USCCA card and follow those instructions

Once you are to the point of having to draw your gun, not having to shoot is a fantastic outcome


I see a lot of threads lately about responses to some dirtbag lifting a shirt and showing a gun as an act of intimidation. Quite frankly I don’t understand most of the responses I’ve read.

If someone lifts a shirt to show me a gun, I’m spending zero time trying to figure out what he’s doing next. He’ll be facing a gun pointed at him NOW and then HE gets to make decisions about how the next .5 seconds of his life will be going, not me. And quite frankly for all I care he might be making these decision from the ground, while I’m trying to figure out if someone else needs to get shot.

The whole point of use of deadly force is to decisively STOP a threat of death, great bodily harm or criminal sexual assault agains me or someone I care about. NOT about find out if he’s bluffing….


I have game planned this scenario a bunch of times and even had a situation at a practical shoot where this came up.

If I am going to draw on an attacker armed with a firearm I would not want a family member directly behind me in most scenarios. It may seem like the chivalrous thing to do but it would be bringing all the bullets towards my family member as well. The criminal is likely to be using cheap FMJ bullets that will be going right through me. Even quality HP ammo can still go through a person. And if they get lucky and put me down before I put them down then the bullets they fire as I drop will be going over my falling body and into my family member.

I have told my family to move away from the direction I am moving in this scenario unless I indicate otherwise. I have even thought about needing to push them towards cover if they freeze as I move away from them. I would be making sure that the threat has no choice but to focus on all the force I am sending their way. Which would be their natural reaction to movement towards them and gunfire.

In the practical shoot the person after me didn’t realize that I had recognized there was a non threat behind one of the bad guy targets and moved to get a clear shot. He stayed in place and blasted away. He couldn’t see that his bullets went right through the heavy foam target and put a bunch of holes in the non threat target. It was disconcerting to watch.

I am not a bullet proof barrier but I believe I can be an imminent deadly threat when left with no other choice. I can draw fire away from my family while returning some of my own at a very rapid pace.