A POSITIVE Improvement

Of all the “improvements” in pistol designs - the most positive that stands out - at least to me - are the changeable, replaceable backstraps and grip-panels now available on many makes and models, to acquire a decent “grip-fit” for comfortable handling and shooting, especially for women and others with small hands, like myself. In the past, I had to bypass many pistols because of their fixed grips - particularly GLOCKS - but even they’ve come around to this basic problem in their ongoing generations.


And yet they’ve been around for over a hundred years like that on revolvers and 1911’s! I do agree, interchangeable grips are very worthwhile.


We witness a huge pistol evolution. The main idea of the pistol remains the same… but quality and shooting comfort is much, much better than 6 - 10 years ago.

  • grip interchangeable backstraps and panels
  • replaceable grip modules
  • subcompact models
  • lightweight frame materials

All these above are used to make firearms even better than they were before.


That is a good point.

With the especially women and small hands comment, that reminds me also of the ‘easier to operate’ pistols out there now, such as the S&W EZ pistols, or the Walther F-series. Hell event he VP9 with its charging ‘wings’ would I think qualify. Lighter-weight springs, tabs and textures offering increased friction, less hand strength required.


If we are going to talk about improvements in design let’s not overlook double stack magazines.

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