A kid saves his little sister from kidnapping

This young man is amazing, and it just goes to show that it’s never too early to teach our kids to be responsible but effective protectors with whatever weapon is available. Who knows what horror he saved his little sister from. Apparently she knew how to fight back as well. Good job to their parents!


A slingshot at close range is nothing to poo about, I just bought 100 steel pellets for mine.
Good for them for fighting back. :+1: :+1:


I have had great fun challenging some many Cub Scouts and Boy Scouts to test their skills with a “Wrist rocket” or “sling shot” as can be imagined with a “y” shaped stick and an elastic band. However the original definition comes from biblical times where the “sling shot” was a long bit of hide with a pocket that was swung around by the wrist and one end was let go releasing the rock (or whatever). Hence the David and Goliath tail.

I have several “dueling trees” and they would have a great time challenging each other to knock one side to the other. Much more cost efficient than .22LR training but taught many of the same skills with no guns or ammo.




I use a wrist rocket for small game hunting sometimes. Manufactured ammunition for sling shots has developed to a median that makes it a decent low tech alternative.


Yes Sir, My Troop actually taught us how to make an 'old fashioned" sling-shot @ Summer camp (late '70’s)
…Out of real Wood too ! Yikes!

But now they probably were replaced by “Assault Wrist devices” the next grab by Sea clit Services…film @ 11 !


I use marbles in my sling shot. Thrift stores around here usually have bags of them cheap. I mainly use them to chase wascally wabbits out of our garden. And they can be used again if I can find them. As far as this 14yo hero, he’ll probably be arrested for infringing on the 17yo rights to illegal activities.