85 Years Old - Didn't give up Before or After

Blackfoot Idaho. This lady tried the passive approach, when it didn’t work she tried the more aggressive approach.
She had a gun in her bed with her but the creep got the jump on her, she had to go back to get it. How do we fix that little problem?


Wow. 2 shots from a .357 put an end to the attacker, but multiple 9mm rounds from a Beretta failed to kill an 85 year old woman handcuffed to a chair. Lesson: Don’t mess with old people.

Also worth noting the attacker was being treated by a doctor (presumable with psychotropic drugs) for mental issues, including PTSD, yet that was not worth reporting to authorities.


Condon’s relatives told deputies he had some mental health issues and PTSD from the time he served in the U.S. Marine Corps. They said he had been struggling more lately and had stopped taking medication.

Condon came back and continued to threaten to kill her.

Finally, Jenneiahn decided it was “now or never.”

At this point in her story, Jenneiahn told deputies she had never shot anyone in her life, that she was sorry and wasn’t that kind of person, the report said.

She added, she had helped an Olympic shooting team for more than 20 years. She said that she is a very “nice old lady” but “you can only push somebody so far.”

Fearing for her life, and the fact Condon had aimed his gun at her, she felt she had no choice but to shoot him. She hit him with both her shots.

Once she did, Condon returned fire and she said “he just let her have it and shot her.” Condon emptied a 9 mm Beretta pistol, hitting her multiple times in her abdomen, leg, arm and chest.

He then went into the kitchen and fell down — mortally wounded.

Her only mistake was not firing until he dropped/was neutralized, which gave him the opportunity to shoot her. Glad she survived.


yup only mistake was not shooting till the target was neutralized.

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What I was tole in my CCW class was to tap the target 3 times and check for more movement