A Tale of Two Grannys

  1. Local news ran a story about an elderly lady who thwarted a break-in with her .38 revolver. (A really nice revolver - Kimber?) Her husband was a retired cop before he passed a few years ago. He had the good sense to buy her a reliable weapon and get her trained, should the need arise. A couple of nights ago a guy starts waving his hands in front of her window, then starts rapping on the glass. She announced that she was armed but he came at her anyway, so she shot him in the shoulder. She lamented about what a terrible experience it all was and said she wished she had used a baseball bat instead of a gun. A senior officer on the scene told her that she would probably be dead now, had she tried to defend herself against this guy with a bat.

  2. An online story told of an 82 year-old lady who happened to be a power lifter, dead lifting over 200 pounds. (She holds a number of records.) The guy broke in one night so she picked up a table and started beating him with it. When the table broke she beat him with one of the metal legs. When the cops came, he was pretty docile. She informed him that he broke into the wrong house. (Me thinks he figured that out soon after he got inside.)


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