22LR caliber

A very interesting article, thank you very much for posting it.


Something is better than nothing, but it has to work. Reliability, as stated earlier, is the issue. Still, we have some staged with Federal Premium Hunter Match.

Another good option would be to have her try .22M. I’m in love with my Kel-Tec and Henry stuff. No loss in reliability from .22lr and similar power to 9mm without the big kick.


I would have agreed with you, but learned it’s not always the case that someone can handle a .38 revolver, unless it’s a heavy revolver, in which case, it’s likely not going to get carried every day, every where.

My wife tried my 642 Airweight Smith revolvers. Even with a light load, the recoil was enough in her tiny hands that it was nearly impossible for her to reacquire her grip and sight picture for a follow up shot in a reasonable time. For her, the 8 shot Smith .22 Airweight was the answer. A failure to fire isn’t a problem in the revolver, you have 7 more. There is some really good SD .22 ammo out now.

My instinct is she can do more to stop a threat with 8 shots of high velocity, deep penetrating .22 and minimal recoil than she could with five shots of low power .38 wadcutters that still throw off her grip and sight picture. In any case, it’s a gun she loves and feels comfortable with. She said, after trying a few options, she finally feels like she had “her” gun, and I’m glad she has it. I feel like she can protect herself with it.


Didn’t go through every post here but go to YT and watch what a 22LR does to a 5lb block of clay.


I was on a murder case caused by a very nasty fatal wound from a .22 Magnum, but I don’t know if the incapacitation was immediate, which would be ia plus in a HD situation.
I have personally euthanized a couple of crippled 600# horses with a .22LR—they were dead before they hit the ground, but bullet placement is key.

If one is really accurate with a .22 while under pressure, it’s probably better than using your fists. s
If for some reason I could no longer physically shoot a centerfire, I’d spend a lot of time training with a reliable .22.


That looks neat but I’m not sure it’s particularly relevant to stopping an attacker.

I wonder what a round of 5.56 or buckshot, or even 9mm, would do to that clay…would there even be any left? lol


I love mag dumping a .22 lr pistol…the lack of recoil makes for some really tight groups real quickly. I wouldn’t want to be on the receiving end. Lead poisoning from 400 grains of t’bolt doncha’ know! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Love this video and Paul’s humor.


Nancy’s 10-22 I set up for House SD. w/ATI stock, Red Dot, Nebo 3 position Light and 25 rnd. BX mag w/CCI Velocitor 40 grn. I also installed the Ruger BX Trigger. She loves it. :us:



Wow, I realize protection is not about cosmetic looks of a firearm, but I must say, thats gorgeous!


Thank you. :smiling_face:


That’s the beauty of 22LR for self defence (in certain situations).
You put twice more precise holes than you can do with 9 mm in the same time.


Speak for yourself. :rofl:
I’m the opposite.


So… you have never shot 22? :sunglasses: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :thinking: :joy:


Hey @Karacal, are there BLM areas near Washoe Lake where I could prove it?

South of Washoe Lake in Carson City, SB 395 turn left on Johnson Lane out about a mile.

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My son had a science fair project he had to do. We tested .22LR penetration through drywall. The variable was barrel length of the gun. We used 2 handguns and 2 rifles. We did 12 or 14 sheets of drywall (don’t remember if half inch or 3/4) and we had some rounds go all the way through. I was surprised at the amount of penetration we got.


Let me guess, not in San Francisco?


As @Mark697 said, the first concern would be ammo malfunction. Rim fire is inherently less reliable than center fire ammo.

I have a Walther P22. With cheap ammo, it malfunctions about 3-4 times in a 10 round magazine. With CCI mini mags, it’s much better.

I’ve never had a malfunction in my Ruger Single 6. I’d take misfired ammo out of the other guns, put it in the single action and it fired every time. Maybe a .22 LR revolver makes sense. Of course, if I were doing that, I’d got to .22 WMR.

In a worst case scenario, we have a couple .22 rifles with 25 round mags that we could give to our kids.


One of the benefits to a private Christian school in a relatively rural area. Something like it is probably going to be repeated by one of our current students this year.

Years ago the school band did the 1812 overture. A couple men used 12 gauge shotgun blanks fired into metal barrels in the place of the canons. Not sure that would fly today, but it was cool.

I digress…