2 Shot Dead at Texas Church and 1 in Critical: Concealed Carriers Stop Attack

:cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: The one in critical did not make it from all reports…(From my understanding) IF ANY has updates please share and also pray if you can.


There they go again the anti 2A people taking down another soft target.
The anti 2A people are the cause of every gun death in America.
It’s really a shame this happens during the holiday season. To the anti 2A people we are in open season. Law abiding and church going folks are all on their radar. They will not stop, they will not falter until they repeal the 2A.


Not a soft targed. He got stopped by an armed parishioner.



Please pray for those effectedin Texas and New York.Texas just took Churches off of gun free zone list.Armed citizens stoped agreater death toll.


I made a YouTube video about this earlier, when I first heard about it after church I was in shock. It had just happened and I immediately got a hold of my buddy that also goes to my church. We both agree that Christians are attacked more and more. This is EXACTLY why i carry in church.

My pastor thanks me and the others who carry constantly for defending our congregation from evil acts such as these. And he truly sees more and more that the material and video i showed him about protecting your house of worship was a good thing to inact.

God is our shepherd, but he needs sheepdogs to help protect the flock.


I’ve seen a lot of people say this is why they carry and that’s great however you have to add training.
After seeing the video one of the victims appears to be attempting to draw a firearm. It’s a boring thing to practice and drill but it played one big factor here.

I’m not trying to insult anyone.
I’m just making an observation


Another link to the story:

This church security team put a stop to the evil in 6 seconds. Two died, but the last time it was 23.
These people prepared, and when “evil moved boldly among them” they responded.

Good men. Job done. They are heroes.

@45IPAC you’re on a church security team? Who else is?
What can we learn here?


We even know a safe word. If the pastor says it, we will be on high alert. I wonder how many of the armed members in that video were “church security” and how many were just your average concealed carrier? One takeaway is that a good guy with a handgun is a match for a bad-guy with a more powerful long gun.


It appeared one victim was a security team member attempting to draw his firearm.

I’m also on a security team 2 things stood out.
1.) A guy stood up to confront the gunman. I felt engaging from a seated position would have been wiser. If he was carrying a firearm he was carrying at the 6 o’clock position and may not have been able to draw sitting down.
2.) If he was standing to engage and it certainly appeared he was. It was very apparent that he didn’t have a smooth draw probably from lack of training and practice.

He is still a very courageous and brave individual for even confronting the gunman. I am in no way shape or form trying to disrespect him or his character.


Y’all may or may not want to view the video. Breitbart has the video up, even thought the original streamed video is now down.

Looks to me like the time from the bad guy shouldering the rifle to the shot that took him down was about 6 seconds, but the time from first bad-guy shot to the shot that ended him was about 3 seconds.
3 people, 3 shots, 3 seconds… that’s the rule-of-thumb for confrontations we learned in the USCCA teacher training. there it is.

And @Sheepdog556 I think you’re correct. train the way you’ll fight, draw, practice, in the the environment, clothing, situation (seated) you’ll be in.


I think all things considering they did pretty well considering how the shooting went down. The goal for security is to keep the intruder outside. Failing that it is all about reaction time. The perpetrator had a long gun, some say shotgun I am not sure, hidden under a coat or heavy shirt. It has been raining in the area so the clothing wasn’t out of order. They only had time to react after he cleared the clothing and the response time for that was only a about three seconds. It is hard to respond to a threat already moving. But they did minimize the damage even if it came at a cost. Compare it to the attack in New York at the Rabbi’s home where several people were attacked with a Machete. Thank goodness they changed the law so people could carry in Church in Texas.


I train daily, either dry fire in the house or on my range in the back yard. I know that training is the most important factor. Without training, your better off just playing video games.


Could not state it better,
Earlier they had the guy who took out the crazed individual with one shot, (It got removed) on social media and his prior occupation was Firearms instructor. I thought, wow! He met his match!

You notice since a law-abiding citizen killed a man with a shotgun it’s not ALL OVER mainstream media!


They won’t air it because it doesn’t fit the narrative. Just like the mass shootings in Chiraq… I mean Chicago. They try to say good guys with guns don’t do a damn thing in their alternate reality.

I’m a proud veteran, carrying member of society and a man who is proud of what our founding fathers started. Although, not so proud of the direction this nation has gone. But, I do believe part of the problem is the constant degradation of the nuclear family.

You notice we didn’t have all these problems until here recently. And it’s only getting worse, but I still stand firm on the oath I took, on the constitution and on the morals that keep me a good man.


And therein lies the dilemma for church security. You want to “Welcome all who come” while remaining vigilant to protect “the flock.”


I’ve been talking to other security members in my church about this exact dilemma.

The reality is you can’t save everyone all the time. We can do our best , stay vigilant, train, drill and do everything right. I hope to never have anyone go thru this, however if we do I want to know I did everything I could to prevent injury or loss of life.

It’s a grim reality but one I feel is very important to recognize and not be taken as an excuse but rather fuel to train more, study more and drill more.


I hope you don’t mind the add I made to the title, @Randall318. I think that is a huge portion of the story and was worth calling out. I’m willing to bet that when you first posted this, it didn’t say much about the concealed carriers being involved. I’ve heard that part of the story starting to be told more and more.


No, ma’am, I would never mind. You may edit me anytime without a peep.

However, you are very, very correct. When the report came across my screen, of course, they didn’t say anything concerning conceal carriers eliminating the threat.
Two-three hours later when CC nation posted the article, I discovered the real news. All my sources either didn’t have the report or identical.


Well said and thank you for your service Brian.


No thanks needed, I did it out of love of our country and pride in my families service with the USMC.