1911 Training and Video

I came across this training video on YouTube and it made me cringe. Video was produced by the Department of Defense during World War II.

Spoiler: A lot of trigger discipline issues. :eyes:


Jorge, thanks for sharing, a few mistakes as we look at raw recruits trying the figure out this new fangled weapon.
You are very right is saying trigger discipline was a bit lacking.

Hows the house/job hunting going?

Best of Luck


@larry84 Watching those recruits reminded me of that gif of Yosemite Sam. :wink::joy:

I have identified a few apartments in the cities where there is mutual interest of working. Eventually, I’d love to purchase a home but think I have to wait until I’ve settled down.

One of those city governments have already contacted my references which I take as a good sign. Thanks for asking.

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Take all of the good signs as possible.

Good Luck, Stay in touch.


Nice video @Jorge.
There is more like this, which we can find interesting as well.
FBI training from 1940’s or 1970’s