18 U.S. Code § 2385 - Advocating overthrow of Government

I will bet 100 days after he takes office @Kevin1776. Put me down for $20 on 100 days.


Voting is nothing more than a formality. The fix is in.


The entire point of the Declaration of Independence was that the laws of man are not the ultimate arbiter of right and wrong. They knew they were signing their own, and perhaps their grandchildren’s, death warrants when they signed it should they fail to prevail by unlawful violence.

Most Americans believed that consent of the governed (legitimate authority) could be withdrawn peacefully from the American Revolution until the Civil War. About half the country decided that was wrong, and the other half said, “Oh yeah? Watch!” The latter half lost that war and with it perished the notion that our Union was NOT “indivisible.” The key underlying point of said disagreement was that northern banks held tons of debt for southern agri-business, and secession would nullify those promissory notes by putting the debtors beyond the jurisdictional reach of US courts. Had the southern states been able to pay off those debts in full before forming a separate country where slavery would remain legal, the Civil War would not have happened and the right of voluntary secession would have prevailed a bit longer before some other tyrant decided it just wasn’t acceptable to allow men to terminate a contract both sides had entered voluntarily without making yet other men, women, and children fight and die over it first.

It seems rather self-evident to me that it is still illegal to attempt to overthrow ANY government, unless you are a Globalist Neo-Marxists from the EU or USA. Recent history has clearly demonstrated that is perfectly acceptable.

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In my opinion the question is what happens when it is of the opinion the government has become an illegitimate government? I’m not talking Hollywood saying they’ll move because they didn’t like the results.

I’m talking about people TRULY feeling that the government in place is NOT the government the people voted for? Just because someone says I won deal with it and there’s nothing to see over there does NOT mean there’s nothing to see. I’m not advocating for violence but I am deeply concerned at how nonchalantly the accusations of fraud were treated.

If it was a fair and honest election then those that testified otherwise are lying and should be jailed, if they were telling the truth then there truly is an illegitimate government in place. I don’t see how there could be a third option. Half if not more of this country feels that the elected officials are illegitimate. Thats not something a speech or press conference fixes.

I’m not saying guns fix it either because that leads down a very rough and dark road. I’m saying this needs to be addressed and not just swept to the side. Even though as we can see thats exactly what is happening, which is only going to lead to those coals burning hotter till the next catalyst


…because criminals don’t obey laws, only the law-abiding do. Thus, laws ONLY impact the choices of the submissive. And when you fail to enforce laws consistently, they become even less effective.


I just listened to President Obama’s 2009 speech violate this forums policies because he said that violence is justified in some circumstance when dealing with freedom. Just thought y’all might want to chew on that a bit.


Chewing…it tastes very hypocritical and bitter.



A few years back several people in, and running for, office like to say that “All politics are local.” I believe it originated with with the then Speaker of the House.

Considering that I had already volunteered to serve my Country and its people by enlisting in our armed forces, and by taking positions in government agencies that implemented the laws of our lands, I decided to become an election judge.

I got to see this most recent election implemented at both the precinct and County levels. In the precinct that I worked, there were about 18 election judges of various ages, economic categories, and political views. These were my fellow citizens and community members. We swore an oath to execute a free and fair election under penalty of law. As a group, we examined, counted, and verified the blank ballots. We examined and verified correct operation of the voting machines , that they were “zeroed out,” and sealed the machines before the polls opened. We verified the identity of voters and assisted them with the process of voting when requested by the voters. We assisted poll watchers. We monitored the accurate operation of the voting machines and after the polls closed we unsealed the machines, hand counted the number of cast ballots and verified that they matched with the machine count. We verified that the number of used and unused ballots matched the number of ballots we started with. ALL of us had to sign an affidavit that the process and implementation of the election in our precinct was conducted in accordance with three law, (which we studied before we were allowed to be a election judge). Then we packed the used and unused ballots and the voting machine’s "brain’ into a lock box, locked and put a new seal on the box and delivered it to the County Auditor where another group of forsworn citizens verified our work before our precinct"s results were tallied.
This first hand experience reinforced my faith in our electoral process to reflect the will of the Citizens of these United States of America and leads me to be skeptical of claims of unaddressed, widespread voter fraud.
As a result I am willing to give our traditional and long standing electoral process more time to address my grievances with the actions of our elected officials and the agencies they administer on my/our behalf.