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12 Elite Russian Marines Killed While Cooking on Open Fire, Triggering Grenade Launcher Explosion (msn.com)

An explosion at the Kuzminsky military training ground in the Rostov region of Russia left 12 elite soldiers from Vladimir Putin’s 155th Separate Guards Marine Brigade dead.

Knewz.com has learned that the marines were engaged in a cookout using an open fire when a live unit of ammunition exploded.

The incident was reported to have taken place on November 3 but was swept under the rug.

It was caught on video footage depicting a massive explosion that was punctuated with a deafening boom and followed by a plume of smoke rising into the sky.

Initial reports reveal that an RPG-7 grenade launcher shell caught fire during the lunchtime cookout.

A journalist from Rostov-on-Don news portal 161.RU reported: “About 20 people from [the Marine brigade] lit a fire during their lunch break next to the ammunition blocks. The RPG-7 grenade launcher shell rolled into the fire and exploded.”

The blast claimed the lives of eight marines instantaneously and four others were rushed to hospital where they too succumbed to their injuries.


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