Your first gun

My first gun was around 35 years ago. It was a used Taurus 38 special. Someone burglarized my home and stole it. Now many years later I just got a S&W M&P 9 M2.0. I haven’t even been able to fire it yet. :cry:

S&W model 28-1 N frame, 357 mag, 6" bbl yes I still have it. I wish I could buy another! But alas I will never be rich enough to buy another classic S&W model 28 (no lock). Very sad times

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Marlin Mod. 60 .22 LR. :us:

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My first one had 4 rubber bands :grin:

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First gun I bought at a hardware store in TX almost 50 years ago. A Mossberg bolt action para-military magazine fed 12 GA with an adjustable choke. Think it cost me around $65.00. I never regretted it. Used it for bird hunting for a good 20 years. I do still own it although I am not able to find it. Pretty sure I left it at my Moms place in TX hidden under the house or up on a shelf somewhere. Wish I had it here in OR. I really like that shotgun.

Model 60?

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Looks like either a Mossberg 395KB in 12 ga. The description said it had a poly choke… mine was blued steel. The other shotgun that looks just like it is the Mossberg 195K-A. I see a couple others that look the same with different model numbers. I dont know the difference between them other than perhaps gauge… In any case, this is what it looks like.

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My first gun was a sw model 66 with the long barrel and it was also current gun is the sarsilmaz st-45.

Not sure why I didn’t answer you. :thinking:

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I had one in 20ga. you could tweek the poly-chock to shoot any bird shot, buckshot and slugs. :us:

My first gun I bought was a S&W Sigma 9mm. Jams with every hollow point. Price was right. Wouldn’t buy it again. Haven’t gotten rid of it just because I can’t get much out of it and it does handle FMJ and holds 17 rounds.

Bought several handguns since. Finally went back to another S&W and got a shield. It’s a jam-o-matic. Jammed first magazine I shot out of it. Jammed during a training class I took. Instructor said it wasn’t anything I was doing. Sent it back to S&W for repair. Don’t have enough rounds through it to really trust it yet. Having said that I do carry it from time to time. But I’ve also had training on clearing malfunctions.

The only two center fire pistols I’ve ever owned that jammed were Smith and Wesson.

No jams out of Glock, Sig, or Ruger.

I’ll never buy another S&W.

I’m probably an anomaly. I know the Shields are good guns. Not beating up the brand. Just sharing my experience.

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Have you tried soft point 9mm in your Sigma?
I just stumbled accost this web site I have not done business with them. :us:

1st one was a Winchester pump shotgun, 12 gauge ,full choke. Used it for ducks, geese, home defense, trap & deer. Sold it when I quit hunting, still sorry I did that…

@BRUCE26 Good question. No. It never crossed my mind. And in fairness, I only tried one or two brands of hollow points. Thanks for the tip.

With several other pistols, the sigma is strategically stashed with FMJ rounds in it. I need to take it to the range and play with it. It’s been a long while since Ive shot it.

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You could try polishing the feed ramp and chamber, I had trouble with a .45 feeding the big open HPs after the fix no more problems. :+1:

With S&W warranty, I presume I could send it back and probably should. That’s what I did with the Shield. I believe they swapped out the extractor on the Shield as well as polished the feed ramp.

Forgive the dumb question, but what do you polish it with? I’ve worked it over with my cleaning brushes, but my guess is I’d have to polish it with something harder?

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If you have a Dremel tool you can get cotton plugs either round or bullet shaped with the attachment for the Dremel, I use ISSO GUN BRIGHT or FLITZ, Dremel sells polishing compound with their kits.

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Holy cow, that’s crazy. I own and have shot multiple M&Ps and I’ve never had a serious problem with them. They have been very reliable…

I’d be the same as you though if my first two were duds.

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Browning Medalist target pistol in 22lr. In the original case with all accessories and manual. Beautiful to shoot and to look at. Still have it and will never sell it.

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The sad thing is while I love my Glock, I like the Shield trigger better (primarily, the trigger break). One of my instructors has a full size M&P. Thousands of rounds through it and his trigger is really nice.