Where do you sit?

Fellow Catholic here. Not practicing right now but going back. At my childhood church the ushers are armed and are always in the back of church. Of course I am armed.

Truly sad it has come to this. But it is a necessity these days.

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The way we handle this. The blue dots are about where our LEO sit. I sit where the red dot is if I’m not working on security. If I’m working security that day I’ll never step into the worship center unless I am escorting a special guest or responding to a call from the LEO.

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This is pretty similar to my church except the wing walls are straight with the center pews and it’s not seats it’s pews all the way across. The area behind the congregation is open with glass partitions and doors at either end for entry exit. The North side has a passageway back to the Sunday School area. No complemented rooms as the pic shows. I sit right side center pews about 5 rows back from the alter on the end.
Our church does not have an active security force and will not according to the new pastor but he has said he will not cause issues with CCW. There is a Navy SEAL in our flock and he sits opposite me on the left side center pews with his family. We are both aware each other are carrying but we have not had the chance to talk, yet.
I’ve been working Sundays a lot lately so I haven’t been but the one thing the new pastor does that drives me nutz is to gather every one into ONE row of pews, far right. That has probably changed with CV-19 I will see come Sunday.



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