What would you do?

Ok, here is the scenario. You’re at the range and someone you have never met walks up and says" wow is that a ( fill in the blank)"? Do you mind if I try it?
Let the conversation begin.


That didn’t turn out right but you get the point.

Somebody I’ve never met? No way. I’ll make the most civil excuse I can, but no.

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Depends. I had that happen once and the guy was an honest to gosh US Navy Seal. Very humble, very nice, and a dead eye shot. While that turned out to be a very positive experience it hasn’t ever happened since and I seriously doubt I would let a complete unkown handle/shoot my weapons. I’d have to know a little bit more about their skill/safety/responsibility with guns first.

Probably not, but guys I hang out with and/or have seen on occasion at the range all the time, I’d give them 5rds to fire off (especially if the gun was the “new hotness.”)

NOW…let’s spin that question around a little…is going up to someone you’ve never met before and asking them if you can try out their - insert special gun here - poor range etiquette? (I’ll start a separate thread so I don’t hijack this one…that would be poor etiquette :grinning: )

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I would not,but, I was curious whether it was my untrusting nature or if no was the common answer.

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I wouldn’t outright ask, but I figure if I ask enough questions about the gun, they might just offer me the opportunity to shoot a few rounds just to get me to leave

I would probably decline unless I recognize them as being a LEO, or military, etc.

Never, not in a million years. There was an incident/accident in a suburban Chicago gun range similar to this a few years ago I will not mention the suburb or the name of the establishment but the guy was a newb and with another person and the newb didn’t have a Illinois FOID the guy inadvertently shot himself and later passed away from the gun wound on the way to the hospital.

I would say 5 is way to many, If at all I would give 2 or 3 absolutely no more and honestly I would probably just say No I have a policy that I don’t lend my gun out.

I’d lie. I’d tell them I’ve been having issues with the gun, and I’m checking function, and would feel HORRIBLE if it malfunctioned on them, and caused an injury.


That’s a tough question. My first inclination is no. But not that long ago, my son and i were at the range and a guy in the lane next to us started talking to my son and he had my son send a few rounds down range and then offered the same to me.
There was a lot of conversation leading up to this so that helped but it was still a little weird. It was more comfortable knowing I was in a group of 2 so my USMC son had my back and vice versa.

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I, personally wouldn’t but I have people ask me all the time about my Kel tech ksg that it doesn’t bother me and I expect it even.more when I get the new Kel tech ksg 25, that holds 41 rounds of 12 ga.