So you're at the gun club with the wife the other day

Here is a true story of an encounter that my wife Ruta Kelly and I had while practicing at our local conservation club. I would love to hear reactions and maybe how others might have handled this.
We were on our Motorcycles and packed a variety of handguns and ammo, targets, stapler, eyes and ears and had hoped to settle in for a couple hours of drills which we really love doing. We took a break to reload magazines when a brand new Toyota Armada rolls up behind us and parks. Out jumps a middle aged woman wearing dressy clothes and big hoop ear rings and a ball cap, approaches us asking if she could join us. " The plywood on the next lane is all shot up! can I go between you guys?" “like people at the gym work out next to each other?” I was speechless. Jaw hanging open I’m sure. My wife however, pretty quick on her feet says “No. I don’t want that.” Then the lady replies " it would be just like at the gym you know?" Ruta replies " Hard No". I finally found some words and chipped in with “for what its worth we’re probably almost done here,” To which she replies “how long?” That rubbed me the wrong way so I replied " I don’t know, three magazines maybe?" “each?” So the lady walks off in a huff back to her truck and leaves, but comes back with her own plywood targets and sets up next to us. Were we wrong ? We certainly didn’t mean to ruffle any feathers, but we don’t know the level of her training and how she shoots, The whole thing felt off. Thoughts?


Everyone wants what they want when they want it…and no one wants to hear no. :slight_smile: I think that you did great.


Not sure I understand the scenario. You mean like golfers “playing through”? — I’ll shoot while you guys are reloading, and then you go again?

I think that’s something you do with a known quantity, because — really — she is joining your party.
“Like at the gym.” :crazy_face:

I don’t know how much safety you really get being a lane apart on a common-use range, but I think it’s absolutely reasonable to say “No, not really comfortable with that. Whatcha shootin’?” Then stay or leave depending upon how it plays out.


In a word: “NO”.

My thoughts exactly. As an avid golfer myself, I play 3-4 times a week. And anyone who thinks that they are “entitled” to play through our foursome (who plays quite well, thank you), is basically saying “My time is more valuable than yours”.

The lady (term used loosely) in our scenario is a self-centered selfish person. She’s in a hurry to get what she wants. And being in a hurry on the gun range is dangerous.

Stay safe out there.


You handled it much more gracefully than I would have. She comes to you and is rude and inconsiderate as if she is entitled to do what she wants when she wants and then you feel bad for telling her no. That’s clearly reflects that you and your wife are good people. I would have said no, and told her she is welcome to shoot when you were done. When she asked “how long” my time would have gone to “oh not long, maybe another hour or so” :grinning:

“Firearms with strangers” is the making of the next Halloween movie that none of us want to star in.

Well done :+1:


My thoughts exactly. I wouldn’t be comfortable with just any person, someone I don’t know “joining” me while handling a lethal instrument. I don’t know their skill level, and I don’t know their attention to safety.

To @John_K, we always say if something looks wrong, something’s probably wrong, don’t we? I think you absolutely behaved appropriately and responsibly.


Always go with the wife’s intuition and your gut!
You were very kind and respectful. As most people are at a firing range! Be polite, be professional…
It’s very rare that I see rude people on the range, unqualified, yes, but not intrusively rude!


First thing came to mind was 3 words that rhyme with luck rat itch.
Her whole persona grated on me.


That borders on suspicious to me. She wanted in on your lane when there were other lanes available. Makes me think there may have been an ulterior motive there or something. For me, I like to shoot with people I know and trust, random people off the street would make me really nervous. I would have said Nope, not our lane.


She is crazy if she compares sets at the gym to a shooting range. I would inform SRO about a clueless person


Seriously. Wants in because the targets a lane over are shot up, but turns out she has her own targets…


Some people just have no respect for other’s space. Though maybe she was new at this and was hoping for some pointers. In which case she should have said that.


^^^^^^^I’m putting that on a t-shirt and wearing it to the range from now on!!!


I’d buy that! :laughing:


Sorry for the off topic, but you reminded me of a gift I got from a student last week.
I received a surprise gift in the mail a “Let’s go Brandon!” t-shirt.

I’m not sure where I can wear it as I try to be “grey man” when in public.


wait a while longer, you are going to have to wear the t-shirt to stay “gray”


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Driving home through PA today, I saw this
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You never know how someone is trained so I think you did the right thing.