What the Media Doesn't Want You to Know


How can the media tell us what they don’t want us to know? Rhetorical question.

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Heard it. Been there. Done that.

In 2024 Joe will use “the media” to force his way into another four years of a puppet dictatorship. Pessimistically speaking “the media” can’t be stopped. Not by the people. Not by congress. To paraphrase a Hollywood movie, “Sometimes evil must be fought by another kind of evil.” i.e. - My enemies’ enemy is my friend.

There are groups, movements, that could if pushed do a lot of disrupting in the MSM. Note that they aren’t the pro-gunners who can’t even agree on a suitable caliber or if the 1911 should be put to rest (blasphemy) . We need to look at the most unlikely sources. BLM. ANTIFA. LGBTQ+. Because, you never know.