What is "woke"?

Sir I appreciate you, many of my brothers at arms went down range to never return, I am fortunate I am lucky I am grateful to my nation I am proud I am infantry I volunteered to put myself in harms way in a most selfish act to be the best! I am many things I am a man , hero was the guys who went before me and paid the ultimate price I am a soldier and when I die I get what this guy got

This guy is my father


Quite amusing coming from you. You are trying to force your bigotry upon me by claiming my views are based on emotion. You should re-read your posts. You claimed that one needs to be emotional to understand facts. That’s the biggest load of non-sense I ever read. Emotions are detrimental to understanding facts, as facts are not emotional.

You clearly see racism, etc., where none exists. You should seek enlightenment, your life will be far more enjoyable. Though I do understand that you injuries make dealing with life difficult.

I am sorry that your service to our country has left such injuries to you. I know many vets, some with varying levels of mental and physical injuries, PTSD, missing limbs, etc., due to their service. Most are quite stoic and don’t complain much about the chronic pain, etc., and are not bitter about it.


Dave we agree that what we say mostly misses one another like I said. I also stated that this is banter i rarely try to make one into something they are not it’s kind of impossible. As far as me seeing something that doesn’t exist. I never called you a racist, nor did I imply your complicity with a white supremacy agenda. Because I do not know your race but I do know this the aa community didn’t respond to it . It’s not a validation it’s actually a confirmation that we all don’t agree but they seem to find common ground with me but some parse my words and think because I said something that I’m fomenting an agenda of victimization by insert the race of the day, I think you mis read me next time use the acumen you have to say what did you mean rather than tell me what your definition of something that is as fluid as the so called woke letter groups who think their struggle is a civil rights struggle which it’s not it’s an identity struggle ( opinion) mental disorders of all kinds were rationalized by some very educated people. Just because something is accepted doesn’t mean it’s good so we steer clear, at least I do. Fact is woke to me is different than woke to you. And I tend to see knee jerk reactions to things on the other side of this debate. I am AA or slave descended black I’m 13% white -1 % native and trace Asian and 86 % sub Saharan African I identify as black I am dark skinned and faced racism from an early age from my own community it was in my face but the white racism was subtle with many tiny infractions and some major with the most egregious being run nword run while I was in the army from two white soldiers. All my kids are biracial I don’t hate white people no more that I hate any one who’s done me personally wrong so you quote this in it’s proper context. I hate no man that has not done me personally wrong! Most crimes happen and the one committing the crime look just like you I just find it funny how in North Dakota it’s not called white on white crime but simply crime I don’t know too many people who can say they rob Asians and are not Asian because you stand out like a sore thumb And the language gap! So this is fact I live in a mixed area so anyone who isn’t with me is a threat not just some people
I trust no one. Honestly all men and women between the ages of 17-50 are seen through a lens I never know who’s a threat but I know this large swath may seem like I’m paranoid I am not I’m woke and it would behoove most to think this way especially if your armed. So despite what you feel about my statements the facts are stand alone my opinions are mine and you don’t have to care about any of it I asked you at the end did you see the ria 5.0 and did you have experience with it if so how did it shoot I’m fascinated by it the design and pou.( Philosophy of use ) this we can really get some where with

TBH I myself also don’t really trust anybody unless I personally know them for a time.
I view persons between the age of 15 to 80 as a possible threat anymore. Most of the damage this country is currently facing has come from those 70 and older (Congress and the President).
Heck now in some areas you have to worry about a 6 year old kid with a gun.

I am not paranoid but view everybody guardedly and have become quite cynical lately.

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Not cynicism you’re just not sleep

One of the best vids I’ve seen describing and understanding “woke”


Don’t need a video nor definition.

That which diminishes moral or commonly accepted societal decency to promote a perverted and or divisive behavior to be accepted and normal is WOKE.

deranged’s version. No response needed or accepted.


To me “Woke” is delusional people trying to change reality.