What is the take away

Apparently we’re the only country with the highest children deaths involving firearms.

They have a chart that explains the US children firearm deaths and explain that most of it is assaults, but doesn’t explicitly state which part of the age group that gets assaulted with firearms.

It doesn’t state or mention if it includes self defense, if a teen breaks into my home, and I shot them, would they be added to the statistics?

And then let’s look at the lineup between the other countries, just like there’s a lot of underreporting in the United States, there is under reporting across Europe.

Then the final question.

What is the reason for the study? Is it to emotionally manipulate us because other tactics aren’t working?

2 kids get into a fight and one gets shot, and that effects me how?

That just means if I have kids, I’ll have to talk and educate them on where and where not to be and who and who not to hang out with.

Now for the accidental shootings or negligent shootings, it just takes firearm education to fix it, but they don’t want us to come to that conclusion.

They want us to correlate the underreporting in the other countries, to the mixed up statistics in our country, and use emotional manipulation to force us to give our rights away.


You need the data by age, not age group. I’d love to see it by gender and what we’re calling races.


They horribly skew their data to make appear as bad as possible, and the CDC data has one group 15-24 years-old. Also, take a hard look at the death rates they do not report that are far higher. Homicide by means other than by firearms is far higher in children. Why is that comparison not in their list of causes of death? The data below makes clear that reason - it is far higher.

From the CDC:


This taken from the same CDC “study” that fails to recognize the existence of self-defense firearm use. It seems like everything we see these days comes from a liberal-controlled information (read dis-information) source. George is doing a great big “told you so” from beyond.


It means there are a lot of gang members and other violent criminals, often teenagers, shooting each other, usually in the cities. (actually not all that many, but enough that in a nation of 300+ million it gives them something to work with)

It also means that stabbing and beating deaths and overall homicides for the effected age group aren’t what is reported, only if a firearm is used, because death by firearm counts different than death by skull caved in with a hammer to some people.

And EVERY time you see something claiming “children”, verify the definition of children or kids or youths or whatever, they very commonly intentionally mislead and deceive by counting adults


That’s just a part of the plan. Anything that makes the
2nd A look bad. Demonizing a large segment of the population.