What are your building blocks?

I got bounced around a lot as a kid. New school every year or two. Everyone wanted to test the new kid. No running away from that conflict.

Joined the Navy at 17. Guarded my first nuclear locker at 19 with an M-14. Plenty of security and fire drills aboard ship. You never knew if it was a drill at the time. Instead of going out and getting drunk on my 21st (Navy thing), I went and purchased a S&W Model 66.

Got out after six years and went to college. Upgraded to a 1911 AMT Hardballer and fell in with an interesting crowd at the local range. Old guy (probably around my current age) took me under his wing. Taught me some of the finer details of guncraft and how to reload my own ammo. Didn’t know at the time he was a national 3-pistol champion. He never mentioned it.

Joined the USAFR in college. As much flak as the Air Force gets, I worked with some outstanding folks over the years. Plenty of opportunities to learn and teach about weapons use and safety, individual marksmanship and team tactics. Much better in a team than on your onesome. Got to attend plenty of schools…didn’t like Army training until I worked with Army SF during a course. Brought things back into perspective. Good lot.

Biggest building-block was getting married and having children. Responsibility to protect a partner and youngins you brought into the world. Always concealed carried when possible. We moved a bit when I started working for DoD. More growth opportunity and greater responsibilities over the years. Plenty of new laws, regulations and policy to learn every year.

When the 2A troubles started here in Virginia last year, I knew my six wasn’t covered in a self-defense situation. By refusing to be a victim, my entire life could be destroyed in an instant. I joined USCCA in December.



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Hello All - Update

Its been a year now since I purchased my first gun and Joined this group - This group was/is a significant factor in my knowledge of owning a gun- Thank you all
One year later from one gun to a small collection - I was fortunate enough to purchase enough ammo to allow me to continue the pleasure of going to the local range and practicing.

The liberty of doing so was also a contribution to the pleasure - at the time “DELAWARE” you could purchase a gun with just passing a “Check” - And Open Carry is allowed - Small Freedoms of my right to bear arms - Sadly - Yesterday the Delaware Senate pass 2 gun laws - Purchasing Permit with Training and Fingerprinting - and a Ban on Mags -

I am a plain simple low key 63 year old guy - Since I started this journey a year ago - I really I enjoy my guns / I love going to the range / I love Cleaning them and most of all I like Having them -

My Only issue I ever had with the state was is CCW Permit requirements -Specifically having 5 Local residents of the county I live in vouch for me (which makes no sense) and Now these two new bills

I feel hopeless - this is going to the house and will be signed into law -

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Welcome back brother @DavidM58 its been awhile.

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Thank you

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