Webroot vs Norton

I’ve been using WebRoot for over 10 years and I’ve never had a virus or malware on my computer. I highly recommend WebRoot.

Good security software is like reliable firearm :+1: Good choice.

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And like a reliable firearm, it needs to be maintained.

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Norton used to be quite the hog on resources. They are much better now. If you want US-based security I think its the best option. Being US-based has it’s own set of pros/cons.

Macafee is terrible, but US-based.

Kaspersky was/is the best, but too many rumors of them sending your data to Russia.

Bitdefender is very good, based in Romania

ESET is very good, based in Slovakia (I think?)

Windows Defender is now known as Microsoft Defender Antivirus and is actually pretty good. If you choose to do that alone, I would recommend a periodic check with something like Malwarebytes as an extra layer.

I would also recommend a good backup system. If you do get infected by a virus, honestly the best thing you can do is wipe the drive and start over, restore your data from a known good backup. Backup to a local USB drive so you can grab it and run out of the house if it’s on fire, and an encrypted cloud** backup in case you can’t grab the local copy.

**The cloud is just someone else’s computer


Part of my personal plan.
Box is never connected to the internet unless I am on it and need to be on the internet.
Data files stored on a stand alone (removable) drive which is only physically connected when in use.
VPN at all times when connected.
Check for security updates whenever connecting to internet
Separate classes of passwords utilized for financial, personal, and BS accounts.
That’s it off of the top of my head

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I highly recommend learning different languages to help fabricate extremely difficult passwords combined with random characters, numbers and symbols.