Weak Hand Vs Stong Hand Training


Who here trains to draw and shoot with their weak hand vs strong hand?

Do you carry in such a way you can untucke and draw with your weak hand.

Hopefully you would never be injured on your strong hand/arm but if you are, have you trained/practiced drawing and shooting weak handed?

What holsters and carry positions work best for weak hand drawing and even shooting with accuracy.

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Great question @Orpackrat! That’s one area I need to work on! I’ve done some non-dominant hand training, but need to work on the drawing aspect. Hmmm… I think that’s a perfect thing to do today! It’s -55 degree wind chill where I live. Dry-fire and drawing drills are a perfect indoor activity for today!


Equally important as marksmanship (but I am guilty of spending less time then I should on it). Generally I always carry a primary and a backup I almost always keep my backup on my weak side just in case

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I am right handed so, my primary is always on my right side but, when I carry a backup I always pocket carry on my left side and, practice a lot left handed with my backup.

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I do practice drawing using my weak hand. I carry right side, IWB about 4 o’clock, maybe 4:07 (haha). Anyway, I am able to reach behind my back and unholster my weapon using my left hand. When I do one handed training, I usually put the one I’m not using straight by my side, as if limp, so as to not include it.


We do train to shoot off hand, but I’m guilty as far as the draw, I usually draw strong hand and pass it to my off hand, this is a great subject, where I carry at about 3:00, it would be difficult for me to draw off hand,I would need another gun on me to do so I think. Yikes, now you’ve got me thinking man, jeeeez :flushed:


Glad you’ve got some time to consider your options, @Steve-G! Please keep us updated on your training and any carry changes you may make!

I used to carry at 3 and adjusted a bit so that I can reach my firearm with both hands to draw.

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I am very guilty of not practicing enough with my weak hand. I really need to get more training in !

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Weak hand training is very important and something that should be done. More then likely your strong hand will be ok but you should always train with both. Also train to get used to having to draw in unconventional positions.

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Those unconventional positions need to include passenger seats in various vehicles as you may not be driving at such a time.

Load up boxes and mail in your arms, easy way to ambush someone is when they are focused on what mail they got at the mailbox and their hands may be full with mail.

With each real life situation, think about how you could draw if needed.

I keep my gun just outside the shower curtain under a hand towel so it cant be seem from the other way plus it keeps moisture off my gun when I shower…


Just to expand on an idea you touched on, how many have prcticed getting a good angle from inside a vehicle. There are a lot of factors to consider when dealing with this situation (ie. Driver or passenger seat, how to get your firearm into the fight without muzzling you spouse, child, friends, ect., how familiar are you with the deflection glass will cause on a bullet?) It’s not practical to practice in your car for everyone, if a neighbor sees you pulling a gun in your parked car might not go well. But for those that have privacy a garage or private driveway some food for thought.

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And keep in mind also, when inside a vehicle, be especially careful if your carry gun is ported. You wouldn’t want to have the ports in a loved ones face.

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I hadn’t always practiced with both hands until I joined the military. I carried multiple hand guns and two automatic rifles. You learn real quick how to fire with both hands at once. Rounds down range keeps the enemy down so you can reach your goal. But once i started practicing using my weak hand as primary it was more difficult don’t understand exactly why other then it would just follow my strong arm muscle memory. I don’t only practice with my EDC i practice with my backup. So i had to adjust how i used my backup holster so i could remove it with either hand. I can’t tell you that i have a close tight pattern and it takes a few more rounds but i get the job done. I have even practice covering my eyes, loss use of my legs all things that i can to help myself survive for i must survive to be able to help others. Practice the heck out of everything you can think of for it’s your life on the line isn’t it worth it!


I’m so trying to get my gun club to give me a $1k budget to get a crappy car or truck to encorperate into our IDPA and USPSA matches, I’m on the board of directors and it’s still hard to get them to turn their head my way on this. We had one years ago and people vandalized the truck, this was before our RSO program. I think it’s important to shoot from inside,and then use the door as hard cover and shoot from behind that.

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Wouldn’t the door be concealment, @Steve-G? The engine block would be cover because of how much metal is in there.

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Unless the door has a good kevlar lining, my Heritage Rough Rider can poke holes through it.

I would not use a door for cover…


A car door would be called hard cover in competition, we also call pieces of plywood hard cover, it would be difficult to build a brick wall when building a stage. We also have a 180* rule to keep everyone safe, in real life situation, there’s no 180*, we train in difficult situations with these rules for safety. We encorporate these things to represent hard cover, the important thing is that your shooting from behind it. Like I said, this is for competitions like IDPA, USPSA, NDM and 3 Gun.


That explains it @Steve-G, we’re using two different sets of reference! Thanks for the explanation - I missed that when I read your first comment. My bad :blush:

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This is sad. With my limited range time, I’ve never trained weak hand. I need to get a dry-fire system. I like the idea of a backup on the weak side.

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Hi @AAlan, how’s your weak-side training coming? :slight_smile: have you been to try it out?

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