Very Sad Indeed - Read the fine details

Buried deep in the article is this sentence
“man told officers he was shooting birds on Monday with a .22 caliber air rifle at the time the boy was hit.”
The call for more gun control laws is deafening around here after this tragedy. The General Public are subtly being lead to believe it was a fire arm when in reality it was a pneumatic pellet gun.


I wonder aloud how many children were similarly injured, or killed, by insert 500 different other things that same day but will never make the news because there isn’t a control agenda to it.


LAWSUIT! :thinking: Furthermore, since when is hunting aloud within city limits, and does this jerk have a small game hunting license? LEAVE THE BIRDS ALONE CLOWN! :smirk: I’m surprised the bird shooter wasn’t arrested for the incident, but I’m sure something’s coming his way. The open field must be someone’s property, city, county, state. A GROWN MAN shooting birds! :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: PUNK!! :rage: The poor little 2-year boy will have to live with that fragment in his head.


Do you need a small game hunting license to shoot whatever birds in your tree on your property with an air rifle? Do we know if he had such a license, if so?

In his brain? I don’t see where anything was in his brain.


A little quick something I found

R657-3-7. Take of Nuisance Birds and Mammals.

(1)(a) A person is not required to obtain a certificate of registration or a federal permit to kill a bird belonging to a species listed in Subsection (1)(b) that is committing or about to commit depredations on ornamental or shade trees, agricultural crops, livestock, or wildlife, or when concentrated in such numbers and manner as to constitute a health hazard or other nuisance, provided:

(i) an attempt to control the birds using non-lethal methods occurs prior to using lethal methods;

(ii) applicable local, state and federal laws are strictly complied with; and

(iii) none of the birds killed, nor their plumage, are sold or offered for sale.

(b) The following bird species are subject to the provisions of Subsection (1)(a):

(i) black-billed magpie (Pica hudsonia);

(ii) American crow (Corvus brachyrhynchos);

(iii) bronzed cowbird (Molothrus aeneus);

(iv) brown-headed cowbird (Molothrus ater); and

(v) shiny cowbird (Molothrus bonariensis).

2)(a) A person is not required to obtain a certificate of registration or a federal permit to kill a house sparrow (Passer domesticus), European starling (Sturnus vulgaris), or domestic pigeon or rock pigeon (Columba livia) when found damaging personal or real property, or when concentrated in such numbers and manner as to constitute a health hazard or other nuisance, provided:

Etc. There is more. It would appear a lot of birds can be legally taken in Utah.

It is also generally in my experience lethal to shoot a spring or pneumatic/air BB gun or pellet/air rifle in city limits.

I am not a lawyer

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Just ranting over such reckless, stupidity, of a grown man doing whatever, but when something like this happens, well, what can be done when one learns of some innocent child gets hurt from ones actions, and furthermore, “He didn’t know there was a daycare there”, :poop: SURE!

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This is a Tragic story and I pray for the child and his family.
This is also a prime example of the MEDIA/Political Regime using this child
and this tragedy for their own purposes. No matter who it hurts.
This kid fits their Narrative.
The evil doers in power today want their ‘subjects’ compliant and disarmed.
This has worked before in many countries and the same ideology is being
put into effect today here and now.
It doesn’t have to be an AR15 anymore, recently a teen found a shotgun shell
in his backpack and put it in his pocket. On the bus home he showed it to
someone and another kid yelled ‘He’s got a gun!’ Their evil plan is working folks.
They are indoctrinating the children and parents to hate guns and gunners.
Their plan to destroy…too strong? Weaken the Military is working also.
Who needs the competition?
Anyone who reads my sh-- knows I am not an alarmist. I am a realist.
I am expecting all this to get much worse before it get better.If it ever does.
This poor Innocent is probably going to live with a foreign object in his body
for the rest of his life (I can relate) but I am an adult and made my own decisions.
This kid is a pawn for the ‘cause’ of TOTAL disarmament. There is a whole bunch of talk
out there about starving, poisoning, invading US and much more!
My opinion is it’s much simpler than that. It’s about two basic things.
CONTROL and DIVISIVENESS ! Some call the puppet “The divider in chief”.
If they can turn neighbor against neighbor, brother against brother that weakens us
and we won’t be able to defend ourselves pretty soon because we will all be labeled
DOMESTIC TERRORISTS! It’s happenning already. The ‘Alphabets’ are already compiling
lists, spreadsheets and massive amounts of data just from our 4473’s alone.272 MILLION FILES is it?
Congress already has hearings on it and they’ve ‘called out’ one department and what
is going to be done about it really? Not much I reckon. In another Post here it’s being brought up
that Seals and SF’s (active/retired) say we should stand up! That’s all well and good folks
but Stand up to who? It’s Clandestine, They are shielded, covered. How can you fight a shadow?
Where are they? Who are they? It’s been exposed that 50+ Intelligence Officers (oxy Moron?)
Planned and executed a False narrative (Russian Collusion) against a sitting President. And you know what? 40-50% of ‘The People’ (baaaaaaah!) don’t believe it.
How can you fix stupid? WOKE ? SHEEP?
there may never be an uprising. An uncivil war… It may be like in Canada today.
Create a diversion, force an evac and then go in and take the guns…SIMPLE!
There are as I mentioned yesterday? There are over 200,000 Armed alphabets out there
right now. For what purpose does any gubment need 200K troopers against it’s own people?
that’s what a standing Armed Forces is supposed to be for.
There are Trolls and agents on this very site. I’m not paranoid (too much ) I just don’t care.
My belief system is heavily based on the idea that this system is FUBAR ! but it’s being worked
on as we speak. The PLAN is coming together (Hannibal from the 'A TEAM ) always said that!
I just hope the ‘White Hats’ work faster than they seem to be because it seems Everest like hard for US to do the Warring today. Real Raw News is what I believe is happenning. THE TRIALS are on going.
There, I just said it. Now some will think I am a Right wing/Conspiracy Theorist Wing Nut! as I mentioned a second ago, I don’t care. I’ve lived a good life, I’ve seen the world and killed people, I defended the principles of what the founding fathers believed in. I just didn’t know I was working for the enemy! But I will go to my maker with my head held high and ZERO regrets…
This is NOT the United States of America anymore. This is the 'What can I get for FREE today without having to do anything ‘country’. Some of US fought in many battles, WE have wounds seen and unseen
and you are ALL HERO’s in my book. From the supply officer to the frontline GRUNT you all did the duty.
Today our fight is to protect our Families and homes. Let the young gunners do the ‘heavy Lifting’ We need to stay alive for each other. If the fight is localized, rooting out the ‘Ticks’ that have burrowed into the skin of ‘WE THE PEOPLE’ WE can do that. I firmly believe we have a lot of fight left in us. There are 40 MILLION GUNNERS out there. Some have never faced battle. Heard shots fired in anger. And that’s OK.
Train UP Ladies and gentlemen we may ALL be needed to right this countries ship !


I guess he didn’t consider his target and what was behind it. Looks like from what I have been reading air guns are increasing in power. firearms safety always to be considered no matter what sort of gun :us:


Someone was hit with a single shot from an air rifle so let’s ban ARs and high capacity magazines!

What more laws are needed in this case? This guy can probably be charged with breaking at least a half dozen existing laws including assault and reckless endangerment of a child. It is also illegal to shoot most birds (you need a license for the legal game species) unless they are an invasive species.

Unfortunately I don’t think we can pass laws banning stupid people which is the only thing that could have prevented this incident.

Hope the little boy doesn’t suffer long term consequences from this!


Charge someone with at least a half dozen crimes including assault and reckless endangerment of a child, because they shot an air rifle in their front yard, potentially completely legally at pest birds as allowed by both state and federal laws?

Assault? There’s no intent required for that now?


Maybe reckless endangerment….


I’m not a lawyer so don’t know if intent is required to be charged with assault?

On the reckless endangerment. A reasonable person should know that it is quite possible to miss a small bird. They should also know that most .22 cal air rifles these days have significant range when fired on an upward trajectory and enough energy to do serious harm. I think it is completely irresponsible to intentionally fire a high power air rifle in a residential area with structures and people only a few hundred yards away without a solid backstop if you miss. And if they weren’t shooting at non native invasive birds they were recklessly endangering people while committing other crimes.

As someone who (along with my wife) were just barely missed by some yahoos firing rifles with no backstop towards a neighborhood, I don’t have a lot of sympathy for people who don’t know their target and what lies beyond.


I suppose I see a pretty big difference between a “rifle” and an air rifle, so that’s part of my perspective.

Also, just saying…how sure does anybody seem to be that the man shooting at birds (nothing indicating the birds were illegal to shoot…) is in fact responsible for the injury to the child? Circumstantial at best? Could be…could not be…?

I have a neighbor with a nice .22 air rifle. He has a setup in his backyard with a good safe backstop for firing from a bench over 75 yards away. It seems to hit quite hard. Much closer to a .22lr in power than to the cheap little pump up .177 pellet gun I have. But I wouldn’t shoot even my weak little pellet gun into the air in our neighborhood even though I have a couple of invasive birds here that I would really like to take out.

Hopefully the investigation can find the truth. Though it may be a little difficult since it sounds like they can’t get the projectile out of the boys head. Though many pellets have a distinct shape that may have shown up on the X-ray.


Let’s be careful of assuming guilty until proven innocent based on circumstantial evidence, just, sayin’


I don’t know the hunting laws where he allegedly fired at the bird; Never been there. In the geographic areas I’m more familiar with, shotgun “bird” shot is allowed for game birds and official hunting areas are not located near Day care centers, schools, etc.; And .22 “bullets” are not allowed on birds, but are on squirrels. Arrows/archery is an approved means. And only on certain dates.

It’s confusing, hard to find and makes my head spin. Still, I’m concerned about this person’s behavior in Spanish Fork. Lots of questions.

It’s easy for me to criticize something until I myself make a mistake as well.


When I lived in WA state, I wanted to hunt and fish. Then I got the book detailing the when, where, how long in what area and then saw how the native populous were allowed…that’s when I found a new sport to participate in.

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