VA is nutso

K,I’ve been totally disabled w/VA and SSA since 2001. Few months back, and cause I accepted a payoff from LTD insurance that was reported on w2 instead of 1099, the VA suddenly thinks I been working, and for past 2 months cut my pay nearly 1300/mo. Absurd. Stupid. I’m soooo angry. Am working with American Legion rep, but how dare my country pull this. I upheld my end of contract, got injured in line of duty, and now, after paying me correctly for 10 years,they change terms? F that and F them. Ill get back wat I earned.

But, fellow citizens, be aware, the VA is not abiding by their own rules or those of the Armed Service Branches.

If we weren’t able to sustain this using saving for a bit, the ahole VA could be taking food from our table.

There, you’ve been advised, the VA has no honor


Sorry to hear of your situation, hope it gets resolved. I’m not in a bad way, but my family, who know nothing of the military, kept advising me to go to VA, I always hesitated and still won’t communicate with them for any reason. You obviously have good reason to seek their assistance. May you recoup what you’re owed!


I am sorry about the situation you are going through and I will pray that God return everything the enemy has stolen from you.


I refused to go to the VA ever since I ETSed. fear, pride and deep rooted anger for the crap that happened to me. My poor wife endured my craziness for 23 years until the straw broke the camel’s back. I snapped at my boss, a nurse and several other people in a severe inappropriate way. I was force to go to the VA after the nurse situation. Hell, I was call into the VZp of Student Affairs twice. The first time I went I enrolled for health care. Shortly after I was called into my first appointment and the nurses and doctor asked me several intrusive personal question which I buried publicly. They sent me to a PhD Psycologist who the went through a drawn out series of even more intrusive questions. Afterwards she said I was suffering from chronic PTSD from unknown source.

Later I went in to file a claim through the VA rep. He even told me he doesn’t represent me but rather the VA. 3 months later they gave me a denial because of lack of evidence. So I went to the DAV rep across the hall in the same office. He explained in detail what was happening and told me how to get evidence. I did exactly as instructed and was approved 100%. A year later in my serious anxiety state of mind I submitted application for T$P IU and was approved.

I bit my pride and told myself I had to do it for my family. I am too afraid to get paid to do anything because I know the VA plays these terrible games. I hope justice reigns in your case.


I am 100% as well. I think we are allowed to make some money, but not much. Like you, I would not think of doing it. I don’t trust them.


Thx very much. I really appreciate prayer.

Still no decision on my appeal for wat they unjustly took.
So, while I’m so angry at them, I’m working on a claim to increase the percentage on my PTSD.

Oh, and as far as trusting the VA…nope never

Thx for the nice replies ya all

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