I am a Veteran


by Andrea Christensen Brett

You may not know me the first time we meet

I’m just another you see on the street

But I am the reason you walk and breathe free

I am the reason for your liberty


I work in the local factory all day

I own the restaurant just down the way

I sell you insurance, I start your IV

I’ve got the best-looking grandkids you’ll ever see

I’m your grocer, your banker

Your child’s school teacher

I’m your plumber, your barber

Your family’s preacher

But there’s part of me you don’t know very well

Just listen a moment, I’ve a story to tell


I joined the service while still in my teens

I traded my prom dress for camouflage greens

I’m the first in my family to do something like this

I followed my father, like he followed his

Defying my fears and hiding my doubt

I married my sweetheart before I shipped out

I missed Christmas, then Easter

The birth of my son

But I knew I was doing what had to be done

I served on the battlefront, I served on the base

I bound up the wounded

And begged for God’s grace

I gave orders to fire, I followed commands

I marched into conflict in far distant lands

In the jungle, the desert, on mountains and shores

In bunkers, in tents, on dank earthen floors

While I fought on the ground, in the air, on the sea

My family and friends were home praying for me

For the land of the free and the home of the brave

I faced my demons in foxholes and caves

Then one dreaded day, without drummer or fife

I lost an arm, my buddy lost his life

I came home and moved on

But forever was changed

The perils of war in my memory remained

I don’t really say much, I don’t feel like I can

But I left home a child, and came home a man

There are thousands like me

Thousands more who are gone

But their legacy lives as time marches on

White crosses in rows

And names carved in queue

Remind us of what these brave souls had to do

I’m part of a fellowship, a strong mighty band

Of each man and each woman

Who has served this great land

And when Old Glory waves

I stand proud, I stand tall

I helped keep her flying over you, over all


Copyright Andrea C. Brett 2003


Love the poem.

I have to be honest here. I’m a 10-year Veteran of the U.S. Navy. But, I really don’t want to be identified as a Veteran anymore. I don’t feel like I did anything special during my service. I don’t need the V.A. (thankfully) for medical care. And yet so many really do need it and all the while I see so many abusing the V.A.'s “disability” program just to glean benefits that are rightfully deserved by many other combat Veterans.

I don’t feel like my Country really appreciates us anymore. The generations after mine are very vocal about how much they hate our flag, they hate our Country and our culture. Our military is in shambles, their leadership is more focused on political correctness than it is in winning a battle or a war.

I don’t believe that I am entitled to free meals or free anything else today. This has probably been the worst that I have felt about possessing a DD-214 in the last 30 years.

I recognize Veterans Day. But, it’s really difficult for me to say “Happy Veteran’s Day” at the moment. I see nothing “happy” about it.

Stay safe out there, I do appreciate all who have served. :us:


OK This got posted twice.?


I want you to know that your service will always be appreciated and never forgotten by many.

A very sincere “Thank You!” for your service.


There are many who appreciate your service and still love our country and respect our flag. They just aren’t vocal and harassing like the ignorant haters. They are busy working and taking care of their families, paying taxes so the entitled can sit home or protest stupid made up nonsense they hear in the media. It is a damn shame what is happening to our country. Thank you for your service. I agree, things aren’t very happy in America right now. It’s getting harder and harder to keep the faith. It helps to live in rural Texas, though!


Thank you for your service @Frank73 .


Thank you for sharing this beautiful poem. And for anyone out there reading this post, thank you for your service. Those words are not shallow. They are heart felt. Never will a veteran be spit upon again as long as we keep the gratitude, understanding, and compassion alive for our active duty personnel and veterans.