UUmmm OK - Darn Dog Did It?

First, just the fact that he lied to the cops:
“The suspect initially stated that he did not know why the officers were there and that he did not shoot a gun in his apartment.”
“Detectives searched Begay’s apartment and recovered a .223-caliber rifle and marijuana”
My guess is he’s not the brightest bulb in the socket.
All of that considered, If/When it occurs, a true unintentional discharge, and someone get’s injured. What do you do? And as importantly Is It Criminal?


It depends.

Step 1: Do not possess a firearm illegally under federal law (mixing marijuana with firearms)


Two stories from the past come to mind upon seeing this…

Fist one is from my time in New Mexico. An associate of mine was living off base in a trailer park we loving referred to as the DMZ. Very rough neighborhood. One day my buddy had returned home from the range and was sitting at his kitchen table cleaning his weapons and hears an argument next door. He pays no attention to it because they always argued. A few moments later he sees through the window the husband from next door stomping across to kick in his door (my buddy’s door) and opens fire with a .22 revolver.

My buddy, sitting at his kitchen table, did not get hit and returned fire with his freshly cleaned and reassembled Taurus 9MM and drops the shooter.

Clovis PD declares it a righteous act of self-defense, but my buddy got charged for the second shot because the medical examiner claimed the first shot killed the husband.

Second story is from my own Son. I thought I learned him better, but I guess not. He was at his house and “showing off” one night to friends he had over for drinks. Somehow he pulled his pistol, bobbled it, a shot his wall, and the next one, and the next one…the round finally came to rest in a bathroom shelf. All his friends evaporate like they were never there,

Local PD arrives responding to a call of shots fired. My Son LIED to them, saying he had not been drinking, nobody else at the house, blah, blah, blah.

He was charged with several misdemeanors, but no felonies, his pistol was “collected as evidence” which he never got back, and he still has all the holes in his walls he hasn’t fixed.

Moral to the stories is don’t lie about it. I remind my Son of that every chance I get.


My ‘Phil-o-shopie’ is if you makum a ‘Whoopsie’ OWN UP TO IT!
It may be stupid, It may be bad but EVERYBODY hates a LIAR.
OK…Too strong? PC say’s People can forgive a mistake
Others will ALWAYs remember a " I have not had sex with that Woman"
The Gun Just went off!"
“The Border IS closed”
“Just the Tip!”
I NEVER wanted to see the look of disappointment in my Italian Parents eyes,
Maybe a look of 'I thought I raised you right 'ey?" ‘Ma-own a Mia boy! What were you thinking?’

…and THAT would crush me!


In 22 years of firearms ownership I had my first close call!

Pulled the gun out of the safe, racked it to check the chamber was clear before putting in in the case to go to the range….

As I set it down, I noticed that I didn’t do that first step in clearing the gun,… remove the magazine!!!:man_facepalming:t2::dotted_line_face:

Fortunately, I rode the action down and it wasn’t fully in battery. No accidental discharge, but hot damn did I scare myself with that one!!!


I treat every single day as if it’s my first day as a gun owner.


Good habit: Always visually and physically check for a clear chamber when doing a chamber check. Lock slide back, look, poke, look down through the magwell as well as into the chamber…then close. For extra credit look away from the gun for a few seconds after seeing the empty chamber and empty magwell…then look back and check it again


What about the other federal law… you know… the one about “the right to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed”… asking for a friend.


You are free to tell your lawyer about it when you are charged with possession of a firearm as a user of marijuana.

General you, not you personally. Anyone out there to which this applies.

Good luck.

(I know, I know, it’s illogical it’s no different than saying you can’t possess a gun with a can of unopened beer in your fridge…)


I know, I know, it’s only a law when it it infringes on the actions of the people, not the State.


It’s all a part of piling on, if you break a law while breaking a law then they can add charges.
Rob a bank - Crime No1
With a gun - Crime No2
Pointed at the teller - Crime No3
Saying you’ll shoot - Crime No4
Using a plastic bag - Crime No5
Parked Get Away car in Handicapped zone - Crime No6
Had Pot in Get away Car - Crime No7
Drove Get Away car High - Crime No8
Speeding while getting away - Crime No9
Suspended drivers license - Crime No10
Ran a red light while getting away - Crime No11
Throw bag out the window while driving away - Littering Crime No12
Throw bag out the window while driving away - Destruction of evidence Crime No13
Spend stolen money on gasoline - Crime No 14 - aiding in the crime


Texting while speeding away- Crime No 15

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"“Yo Dawg, Got some bank bruh, guna parta wit sum bi***es”

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