Using Weapon Mounted Lights as Flashlights

Yes there was the big issue here of the officer not keeping their finger off the trigger. Or perhaps they let something else hit the trigger while moving the obstacles? But I think this is a good example of why having a separate flashlight is a very good idea.


IMO a handheld flashlight is mandatory, and a WML (pistol) is entirely optional (concealed carry)

I could see the LE argument for both being mandatory.


Fascinating. Agree with both of you.

I rarely see an officer with a weapon mounted light. But every officer I see has a dedicated flashlight. Makes me wonder if this officer had a separate hand held light or not. Why was his gun out if not to use the light?


When I was an NYPD officer the department never issued or authorized WML on duty or back up firearms. Times have changed. If I were a cop now I would never use my WML as a flashlight. If you have a WML with high lumens you can actually point the gun towards the ground in the vicinity of the target and be able to identify it.

I agree 100 percent with this :point_up_2:


I just purchased a WML for my EDC M&P
WOW Welcome to 2024 Don!
It doesn’t fit any of my holsters. It’s an off-brand from
Amazon–Green Laser and Light (it’s nice actually) Cheap $30
But I put it on my Taurus G3c instead–My dedicated End table Gun
@ night. My Smith has XS night sites, very sharp and that’s all I need
for right now. To each his own I guess< I like the separate Flash, that’s
what I was Trained on.

Mi dos Pesos


I have nothing against mounted weapon lights. I have one on my bedside pistol. I just also have a handheld light right next to it. If I hear a bump in the night that needs to be investigated I grab both the handheld flashlight and the pistol with the mounted light. When searching without a clear threat it is the handheld that is on and being pointed down hallways so I don’t have to point my pistol in the general direction of family members or pets that may be wandering around in search of the bathroom or a late night snack.

But I do like having the mounted light in case I need to drop the handheld to grab my son and take him to the safe area.

In this case it sounds like there were other LEOs in the room who could have covered this one while he ideally holstered his pistol to free up his hands to move whatever was blocking their path.


WML is a great addition to the pistol… but will never be a hand flashlight replacement.

Light is used for two purposes:

  • identify the threat
  • create distraction

Hand flashlight can do both. WML is useless for distraction.


Sometimes a separate handheld is inconvenient I find though
My hands are full already with either a Grenade or flash-bang 'and then there’s
‘The Clicker’ I carry to light off the Phoo Gas pods in the yards…I wish GOD created
us all with a third arm sometimes :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:
:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: Maybe one coming out of the top of our head? :rofl: :rofl: You know
how convenient that would be for home defense? That Head arm could carry a flash or throw a grenade around the corner without exposing the body ! That would be awesome!
reek havoc on my Cowboy hat collection though…I’ll have to talk to the Big Guy and see about a
design change for future incarnations… :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

Good Sunday Morning SARC GUNNERS!

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I personally have both for home defense. I do not carry pistols with lights. I have a light clipped to my belt if I ever need one. All of my carry pistols do have tritium

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