Uber killer


I wonder if I’d make them so uncomfortable from being thrown around in the backseat…

This is the BRANDON norm! Makes me sick to my stomach. More so because I can’t do anything about it! They’ve created a wonderful new world! Does the family get to sue Uber, the automobile maker and the phone company. Just sayin!


Liberals will tell you this is more proof that AR-15s and high capacity magazines must be banned. Never mind a handgun was probably used.

It doesn’t say in the article what the guy got away with. Did he even get away with anything? Did he take the car? I’m glad he got caught. I hope his girlfriend didn’t benefit from this. I wonder if a person was to hit the gas to the floor and either crash the car or drive as fast as you can to the police station or get pulled over if that might change the outcome. Possibly not. Sounds like she tried to comply. Who knows what anybody would do in such a stressful position. Nothing good ever happens when you comply with a psycho.