Training on the Range with a Partner


There are a ton of great videos on our YouTube Channel! You could spend days - weeks probably - looking at all of the great content. Here’s a great one from our Tactical Tuesday series. It’s about training with a partner.

I highly recommend training with a partner - not only will they help keep you accountable for your training, but it can add a degree of difficulty and even a little bit of stress as someone else is watching you shoot.

What tips do you have for training on the range with a partner?


To some it may add a little stress, but going with someone you know and trust could be more helpful. I think it actually makes me step up my game a little bit. I see that more often than not when it comes to helping students on a range. More students are nervous qualifying for their CCW permit than when they’re there for other instruction/training. I always recommend going with someone as much as possible, especially if one is new to the firearm lifestyle. Even when it comes to practice, you want to know that you’re practicing the right ways because if a newbie is practicing wrong things, they’re more likely to have their muscle memory resort back to that even when shown the correct way. I hope I made sense, been a long night at work and it’s past my bedtime. :wink: