Training Building Blocks

Training is a lot like building blocks. Every layer of training builds on your prior training. Speed is built on muscle memory. Muscle memory is built on repetition. Repetition is built on basic fundamentals.

Similar building techniques are applicable to a variety of skills for shooting - accuracy, presenting from a holster, target acquisition, etc.

Which building blocks are you working on now?


All of them. At the range is generally marksmanship, misfire drills and reloads. At home, drawing from holster, dry fire, retention, reloads.
Special range days (Knob Creek private range with instructor(s) for qualification), all of the above plus moving alone and in teams.


For 2 weeks I’ve been working on proper presentation.
My goal now is to go for a good sight picture from compressed ready.
Once I find this perfect, I’ll go with the same with closed eyes.
Next step will be drawing from holster and hitting the target without even looking at sights.


An amateur practices until they get it right.
A professional practices until they can’t get it wrong.

I strive to be a professional, or at least as good as I once was :yum:



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I’m not totally sure I understand the question, @Dawn, but most of my drills are based on Speedy accuracy, decision making, and variety (not getting use to the same drill over and over).

I always fall back on fundamentals if the wheels come off during a drill. In fact, just yesterday I took a lesson with another instructor to focus on grip. If was having trouble with transitions while shooting triples. I noticed my grip break WAY off after 7 rounds.

I’ve been shooting for 20 years and I still need reminders of the big three: grip, pull, and picture.

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