Tony Orlando recalls life-changing encounter with wounded veteran: 'Never prepared for this'

Tony Orlando and his meeting w/ Quadruple Amputee Brenden Marrocco (19) and his Parents in Germany.
Marrocco, a Staten Island, New York, native, enlisted in the military in December 2007. On April 12, 2009, Marrocco was returning from a night mission when his armored vehicle triggered a roadside bomb, the Gary Sinise Foundation shared. Marrocco lost both of his arms and legs. According to the foundation, Marrocco was left with shrapnel wounds in his left eye, as well as severe burns on his neck and face. His left carotid artery was severed. His nose, left eye socket and facial bones were all broken.
This is the Goods! This is a WARRIOR! Bring the Tissues!


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God bless our men and women in uniform. God Bless Tony Orlando, Gary Sinise, and all the rest who help our wounded veterans.


Brenden. Your brothers and sisters in arms are always with you and any of our wounded. Doesn’t matter if your wounds are physical or emotional. Visit any American Legon or VFW and talk to us.
Thank the Gary Sinise Foundation for truly caring and doing the work of Crist for our Warriors.


What a great story this is. Thank you for your service Brenden and God bless you. Thank you Tony Orlando and Gary Senise


Incredible courage and spirit at 19 years old!. It’s also amazing those with means who choose to give.

God bless those who serve and have served.