The reason for the 2nd amendment

Interesting. That’s good. Causes people to think. I had no idea. As they say, a living breathing, document. They give life to the paper by the words of the people.

In colonial militias, the men usually supplied their own firearms and ammunition. Some of the more organized communities, like Lexington and Concord had town supplies in a storehouse that the British tried to confiscate on an April Morning. That is the real reason we have a 2nd Amendment, and why the “weapons of war” argument is bogus.


Yes, in fact, some communities required militia aged men to keep a working musket / rifle and a certain amount of ammunition, in case of emergency.

The British also took some measures to supply their colonies for protection against French and Native American raids. If memory serves, the armory at Concord was stocked with British arms and powder. Ironically, the British were trying to recover their own assets.