The Aftermath: Forget the Dog; Beware of Father

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Forget the Dog; Beware of Father

An Arizona man was working outside at 1:45 a.m. when he heard his dog sounding the alarm inside the house. He left the project he was working on and went inside where he saw a naked man leaving his child’s bedroom. He confronted the naked man with a drawn firearm. The naked man then charged him. The father fired twice, killing the intruder. Police later admitted they were called to other residences where the intruder tried to get in but officers were unable locate him.

Have you had to confront a stranger in your home? What was your response?


The first time, the door of our condo was left unlocked, my bad. The door swung open an there stood an elderly lady, she walked right in. Once inside she looked confused. I asked her if I could help her. She asked “Is this XXX North?” My reply, “No ma’am, your in the South building, I’ll walk over there with you”.

Second time, he didn’t actually get in. I was working and heard someone trying to unlock my door. They tried several keys. I grabbed my EDC and looks out the peep hole. The guy was very seedy looking, half his head shaved, tats up to his chin, Wife Beater, large baggy shorts… I opened the door, gun in hand and asked him “What’s up partner?”. He looked at me standing there, stammered a bit and said “Aaaa I’m looking for 202”, I said BullS**t, there is no 202 in this building" (The entire second floor is a commercial space, not numbered like the rest of the building). He replies “K Bra” and ran for the steps.


Thankfully, no.

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I was living right outside the city limits in a small cabin with my wife. We got woken up around 2 am by the sound of someone tryin to break into our place. I took my gun out and posted at my bedroom door to protect my spouse. I yelled at the intruder that I was armed and ready to shoot in self defense if he continued trying to get in. I heard an, “ OH ■■■■!!” and footsteps running away. My wife had called the Sheriff’s Department during all this as we’d talked about in case this sort of thing happened. The Sheriff Deputies took seven minutes to respond.


Last year (2021) toward the end of June and man tried to break into my home at 1:30am by kicking and prying my front door with a crow bar. While I keep a 9mm nearby, I didn’t have to confront him since my Masterlock Security Bar was securely and properly placed on the doorknob. After several tries, he turned and walked away. By the time the Deputies got there he had walked far enough away that they did not see him or find him. And that’s the reason we have guns in our homes and security bars on the doors… the deputies can not always get there in time to address the issue. I am curious, had the intruder already harmed this man’s child? I notice the article says that he saw the man “leaving his child’s room.”