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There are varying degrees of people who choose to obtain concealed carry permits. The same can be said for those who become — or try to become — law enforcement officers, and for better or for worse, there are some distinct parallels between these two groups. Just as there are some people who decide to become or try to become police officers who probably shouldn’t ever be cops, there are some people who probably should not seek concealed carry permits. That is not a criticism of either of these groups of individuals as people. It’s just a fact.

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I suppose we all want to say we’re a 50. In truth, I’m probably a 40 or so. On or off duty, I’m going to remain situationally aware and de-escalate any situation that I can. Off duty, I’m going to avoid any situation that is- or could become- bad, when possible. 10x that if my kids are with me. The last thing I want to do is shoot someone, and I’d have to be pressed pretty hard before I laid hands on a threat or drew a weapon.

On forums like this, I expect most of us are in that 40-60 range. Some users like to joke as though we’re in the 90-100 range. I appreciate dark humor, I just hope that no one’s comments here are ever used against them.


That’s a great point! Occasionally we can all make a dark comment or express something that may be misconstrued if taken out of context, which is why we need to make sure the majority of our points show our true intention.

For example, I occasionally rib people who choose Glocks because I love my Sigs – taken out of context it could be claimed that I bash Glocks. However, as you all know, Glocks are good guns and there is some fun back and forth about the two brands. And I do my best to ensure that people know I’m kidding around when I rib Glock owners.

We have to be able to have fun and make fun of ourselves when we take ourselves too seriously. :smiley:


That’s different though, because facts are on your side. Sigs are better. Science. :crazy_face:


I think I’m somewhere around 35-50. I hope I never have to use my gun. After my husband died in a MVA, I purchased a shotgun from a Texas Ranger for protection. I’ve never shot it yet. I also purchased a S&W MP and learned how to shoot that, got permitted and loved that gun. Although it was larger than I liked (too big for my purse), I got rid of it and bought a Sig Sauer Equinox 380. I love the size but I’m not that good at target because of the kick it has.:frowning:. With my S&W, I was great at Target!


I’m definitely in the 30-50 position.

Living in Downtown Seattle I know the need for personal protection especially when waiting for public transit. The thing that pushes be down to the 30 position would be the rules that Washington state has enforced that makes me want to reconsider sometimes. Concealed carry insurance or “murder insurance” as Washington State has deemed it makes it feel like unless you have an AR-15 pointed at your face, you’re in for a sh-- load of trouble if you discharge your weapon.

But I still have the mentality that if it’s my life or someone I’m with’s life is on the line, I have no problem with discharging my weapon.

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As with many things, it depends.

If you are in a situation where you MUST defend your life, a 100 is perhaps the perfect setting, until the threat is over.

With the scale, perhaps a little on the silly side, if you operate in the middle, on an even keel, think before you act (even if your thinking took place well prior to any event by training and practicing so that your mental gears are operating), there should be little difficulty.

Unfortunately, there are always those who will find fault…

The woman who took her and her kids all the way to the attic and the intruder kept coming, she fired her .38 at him and hit him in the face, chest, neck, and he finally left the house. Some might say the woman did not do enough to avoid shooting the intruder…

Guess they think she should have given one of her children.

(That unfortunately, is the type of anti-gun people who live in La-La land that normal people must deal with)……

Yes, I have had someone say ‘those people who cling to their bible and guns’

Yes, I will take my Bible and my Gun.