Targets from first trip with new AR 9mm

Really happy to take out my new gun today and see the change from first 10 rounds to last 10 rounds (out of 100.) I had a private instructor for 1 hour and he made all the difference (I shoot pistols a lot but had never shot an AR platform.) Best part aside from rapid improvement was having him advance the target towards me from 20 feet while I was supposed to put three rounds in starting from low ready.

Short form of the above…Had a blast today with my new gun.

Pictures are my new Brigade BM-9 and first and last targets.


Now THAT is the effect of good training and effort! Well done!!




Keep up the good work and keep on training.


Nice! How do you like the Brigade? I almost bought one of those.

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First 30 rnds it would not fire the last rnd in the mag. Just needed some breaking in though. The next 60 rnds were trouble free with two different makes of ammo. Brought 10 rnds of hollow points to make sure home defense rnds were good to go and they worked great. Worked fine with the Glock OEM mag and two PMags. As long as it keeps going that way it gets my whole hearted stamp of approval.

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I am interested in something like this to match with my Glock pistol mags. But have heard of lots of reliability issues with many Glock mag ARs and similar SBR style guns when firing hollow points. Would want to fire a lot more than 10 to make sure it is good to go. Seems like a very good home defense gun. Looking forward to future updates.

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Yeah, If I had more hollow points I would test a lot more. I have 30 that are not already in mags for other pistols and those are going in the Glock 33 rnd mag for now for this gun.


@Marc19 good shooting and a nice piece of hardware. :+1::+1: