Tactical Tuesday: Survive an Active Shooting

While we never want to believe it’s going to happen again, we know it might -and it might affect us and our families. Training can help you survive an active shooting:

What was your key takeaway from Donna Anthony in this video?


Where do I find true de-escalation training?
Can you really de-escalate an “active “ shooter. I’ve been to a couple of active shooter classes and none have taught de-escalation as the bullets are flying. As was said in the video law enforcement arrives after the shooter completed his goal. The first few people are his targets (the girlfriend, boyfriend, boss etc), the rest are blood lust and a refusal to let off the trigger.
Furthermore, some active shooters just want to see the world burn with no definitive target and the only way to de-escalate is with a bullet.
Movie theater shooter vs school shooter vs workplace shooter discerning the different motive is one way to try and de-escalate.
In my opinion there is no way, while in that seated position I can know the motive. I do however know how to stop the bullets from flying and that’s to distract and shoot. I could be totally wrong and I’ll be part of the carnage. At that moment the only thing I can count on is shot placement, cover and a prayer.
In my opinion de-escalation requires a squad of six at least. I’m guessing that’s why we see an entire police force, swat teams, HRT, FBI, national Guard, as part of the negotiation and de-escalation teams.
I’ve run scenarios over and over in my head daily and there is no way, as an individual, at the theater or dinner that I will be able to de-escalate an active shooter. I’m either running for cover, saving a life or shooting.


You are correct, as just seen in Milwaukee. Have a gun and be able to use it and use it fast.
5 more people died like sheep in a gun free zone, BAAAAAAA.

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