Tactical Tuesday: Injured Hand Drill

What happens if you have to fight injured?


This is absolutely why practice with a non dominant hand is essential.


I did some non-dominant, one-handed shooting the last time at the range. I was surprised the recoil really sent the gun up and to the inside. I noticed the same in this video. I also remember seeing/hearing that a slight cant to the gun can help. I tried that and it really did make a difference. I didn’t experience the same problem with one-handed, dominant hand, which seems strange.


I regularly train both hands single and two handed, I teach and sometimes have lefties so its important for me to be comfortable on both sides. That said, my left got smarter faster than my right.
Haven tried the finger change though… going to do that

Ambidextrous safeties (if you have a mechanical safety) and mag releases can literally save your life in a fight. A point often not considered by purchasers or mentioned in basic classes.

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