Sunday School Security

The church I go to has a separate area for Sunday school for the kids. The building is a big X with the church space at the bottom of the X and the Sunday school halls the top two spokes of the X. We haven’t left my granddaughter in the Sunday school area yet, but I know they have a great security system for drop off and pick up.

I don’t know how the Sunday school entry area is monitored during services (because I’m always in the services instead of the halls) or what they have in place to protect the kids. I have to chat with our security team to find out.

How does your house of worship protect kids in their Sunday school programs?


We have electronic check-in stations and desk monitors at each Sunday School entrance. A member of the Safety Team also monitors each Sunday School entrance. Desk monitors and Safety Team members carry radios. In each Sunday School area, all doors except one are exit-only.

We also have two county sheriffs (the only police force available) directing traffic and monitoring the parking lots.


We have a check in station. Once services start, only one door to the kids area is unlocked. The younger kids stay in class until a parent/guardian with the matching check in stub goes upstairs and gets them. To get to that entrance, you have to go past one of the security/patrol members. The preschool age kids are in an area only accessible by keypad code, or being buzzed in by someone inside the area.


We have computer checkin/checkout of the kids, the Kids team leaders carry radios and are monitored by our security team who also patrols the kids section as well as the rest of the interior and exterior of the campus.


Electronic check-in, with matching bar-coded tags. Kids aren’t released until parent has the matching tag. On top of this:

  • Doors are locked, with two security team members monitoring at all times.
  • Kids restrooms are in the locked “safe zone,” they never have to leave.
  • Security has copies of classroom rosters.
  • Each classroom has a radio they can contact security on if needed.

Although not required or asked to, many of our team members have their CC permits and carry. Sadly, our system has been tested. We have had two instances where an estranged spouse has tried to pick up a child from class during a service. Our matching-tag protocol worked and prevented children from being released to the wrong person!

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Large suburban church.
Hall to kids area has a metal door that can roll down and block the entrance.
Electronic check in, with security team member at entrance to kids wing, and a second at the other end.
Kids have their own restrooms, so adults and kids don’t need to share a restroom.

Part of the security team that goes through training, qualifies, and passes an interview, is given permission to conceal carry. We do an active shooter class for volunteers, teaching them what to do in the instance of an active shooter.

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