Strength in Numbers: The Momentum of the DC Project | USCCA

When I first got involved with the DC Project (DCP) more than four years ago, I didn’t know how much Second Amendment advocacy would grow and develop in my life. I mean, I was totally for gun rights and gun ownership. I’m a member of several gun-rights organizations. I train new, responsible gun owners all the time. I carry a gun every day! Heck, I even work for the USCCA! But I never realized how much more I could do … or how much even the small, seemingly insignificant things could do to make a difference in our gun community. In fact, being part of the DC Project has motivated me to do several things I may not have done on my own. Just to name a few: I became the first female board member of BamaCarry, Alabama’s “no compromise” gun group; I became a board member of my home range, Brock’s Gap Training Center; and I testified for constitutional carry before the Alabama Senate Judiciary Committee, which approved the bill 6-4.

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Having the pleasure to be an acquaintance of Stephanie Perry of Arkansas, I can certainly vouch for the dedication and tenacity of these ladies.
To any of you ladies reading this, I would encourage you to look into it. They always need volunteers.