Stories from the range

Tell us a story. What’s happening on the range in your world. :sunglasses:

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Two young brothers using an old 9mm pistol next to me & my son in a range.
We knew they were Rockies, but we didn’t know that the pistol belongs to their father, until their old pistol got jammed. They’re smart enough to ask me for help. While I was removing the misfired round from the chamber, I realized that the Pistol looks very familiar,(was issued to & used by certain US divisions who operate abroad) 40 years ago.
When I confronted them with that, they both said "Please don’t tell my dad, he doesn’t want us use this one). It was funny and also remind me of my late father (He had the same Pistol).


It’s been a couple years since this happened. My wife and I had been shooting rifles & shotguns when we decided to switch to handguns. As we were putting some things away & getting others out, 3 very young shooters had come in and literally taken over the handgun area, not giving anyone else a chance to shoot. A lot of unsafe things were happening with them. One guy was at the line shooting while another one took a .22 rifle, rested it on the first guy’s shoulder & started shooting. Then one ran back behind a table that was at least ten yards back from the firing line & began shooting. More than once my wife & I were both staring down barrels as these clowns were waving guns every which direction. I discreetly pulled my phone out & got pictures of each individual. I forwarded all this along with a description & plate number of the truck to the owner/operator of the range. He thanked me & informed me that my range fees for the next year were paid in full. I was surprised & thankful for that, but that wasn’t why I did that. People like that do not belong on a range. Someone can be seriously injured or worse.


Here is one of the stages at our USPSA match that we held at our club this Sunday, I did pretty well, this was the first match of the season, I’m a bit rusty, but I’ll be training a lot more now that it’s kicked in.