Staying Safe While Deer Hunting

The holiday season is quickly approaching, and you know what that means: deer hunting season in Wisconsin! Every year, approximately 580,000 people head to the woods to hunt for that award-winning buck (or at least one that will grace the table with venison steaks).

What precautions do you take for a safe deer hunting season? Do you carry a handgun in addition to your rifle?

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Precautions for Deer:

Move out from Wisconsin… :scream:

Please disregard my message and continue discussing the topic.

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I carry a 6 inch barrel Ruger GP100 in .357 magnum, concealed. In Illinois, with a CCW license, you can carry a concealed handgun during shotgun season, as long as it is legal to harvest a deer with that handgun. And, you can use it to harvest a deer.


@Jerzy you are one funny guy and some crazy peeps. LOL :joy:

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Large caliber revolvers are good backup guns while dear hunting. Also don’t forget your sandwich, IFAK, safety vests :safety_vest: and coffee. Oh and leave your cigarettes at home or you will be tempted to light up and you will lose a lot of friends.

Beef jerky and protein bars. Gatorade to drink.

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I vote anything 9mm or larger. Personally, I carry a .44 Rem Mag. revolver.

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