State level electoral college?

Not sure where to drop this topic. I heard/saw a question asked on one of the cable news channels that got me to thinking and would like others input.

The question was: is it time for states to implement an electoral college system like the federal government?

The reasoning stated is the same as for the federal electoral college; so that a state with a large population in one area can’t control the laws and determine the outcome of elections despite what the rest of the state votes.
How would this have effected the last election?

I personally don’t think it would happen since I don’t see large populations areas giving up their ability to decide an outcome of an election or the ability to have their preferred laws passed. Food for thought.


I think you nailed it. The folks who control the elections aren’t about to give up their control.

I do think there’s a increasing problem of urban vs rural, though. Folks born & raised in the city have no idea where their food or merchandise comes from, let alone how their city’s dominance in state politics affects those outside the major metropolitan area.

For example, folks in my town scream about the latest cell phone upgrades and getting everyone an Obama phone. They have no idea that people 3 counties away don’t have any cell phone coverage. Now Joe the Farmer is paying extra taxes to support the comparative wealthy folks in the city. How much longer can this go on?


I was talking to my brother the other day about just what you said. What’s going to happen when these large cities start to run out of food. I remember as a kid, grocery stores shelves were always loaded with food and household items. Now you’re lucky to find TP and garbage bags. Let alone a piece of meat you can afford.

Wondering how much of this is planned?

Edit: sometimes I wonder how much longer will it be before a huge civil war and the lower 48 gets divided into 3-5 countries.


Large cities are modern marvels, but they’re not sustainable. I recall reading that if all the bridges to Manhattan collapsed, the island would run out of food before the day was over. That’s staggering. On top of that, the ability for families to sustain themselves is lost to generations. The average urban (or even suburban) family could not survive on its own; the days of moving west and starting a farm are gone.


Three counties in one state of 39 counties control the outcome of the state.


I imagine gun owners in Oregon would support that idea about right now.


Heck Ya. Or maybe that crazy little nut job in North Korea could nuke from Portland to Eugene.

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IDK, there is a huge movement right now for becoming a subsistence farmer. Many ppl are leaving the city to learn how to sustain their lives on a farm now.

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Could they really survive doing that? I’d be curious.