Springfield xd .40 slide question to 9mm optics slide

I have a springfield xd .40 . I was looking at the optics slide but says you have to convert it to a 9mm and they sell the set up with slide, optic cutouts, 9mm barrel and spring

Do i have to convert it or can i just put the slide on ?

Thanks for any info .

Not a XD expert but Generally, I hesitate to mess around with cross breeding calibers on firearms.

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I agree with @Mike164 I’d be leery of converting firearm calibers unless the firearm was designed for conversions or the manufacturer said the conversion was OK.

I have heard of people successfully swapping special made 9mm conversion barrels into Glock .40 cal slides. I don’t think the conversion works in the opposite direction though since the opening in the 9mm slide is likely too small for the .40 cal barrel.


Yeah i just want the slide. And keep my .40 cal. Heres a pic of the slide with and the description

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Pretty sure that won’t work properly with your .40 cal barrel.

If you can’t find a .40 cal slide with mount option I believe there are companies out there that can machine your current slide to allow for red dot mounting. Just find a good company with a proven track record before you allow someone to make modifications. Especially if this is your self defense pistol.


Keep it simple. Buy a new gun. Two are 2X as good as one.