Smokeless Range Shooting Simulator

Having had some prior experience with professional LEO simulators years ago, I’m very interested in these new simulators for home use. Does anyone here have any experience with these or recommendations?


I had a pleasure to use IMarksman Simulator during classes in 2019.
It’s a good thing to try it once and decide if it’s worthy.
I don’t feel a need for it at home. It doesn’t do anything good without Instructor’s supervision…it just becomes another game.

I found regular dry fire and live fire scenario training to be more effective for me.


Nice but I’m still going to smoke… Also for 1400 bucks I can use real ammo & have money left over to pay the fine.


I’d like to know a whole lot more about it! I’ve used similar systems in LE decades ago and personally I see many advantages, especially now with the price of ammo if you can find it. Not to mention the other elements you don’t get from dry fire or live fire. So if there’s additional, affordable training available then I’m interested!

The best to know it is to watch these videos:


Scenario examples:

Simulator is great tool, no doubt… but its greatness comes with the money.
I was introduced / involved in 5 or 6 different scenarios. Really valuable experience. But all was for free, as the part of the class. I, personally would never buy it for myself.
Once you go through a particular scenario, then evaluate it with Instructor and discuss options - there is no sense to go through it again because you completely miss element of surprise which is the most important in Simulator.

I would treat simulator as decision making training, not shooting practice and it’s good to use it from time to time. But definitely not at home.
Again - without Instructor’s supervision - this is only another video game.