Smith & Wesson Sues New Jersey Over ‘Anti-Second Amendment Agenda’

This is why we are losing the public image war for the 2nd Amendment, they can publish feel like this. States can do this with our money (taxes). I have a brilliant idea, worry about the criminals and leave your law abiding citizens and corporations alone.

If you read the whole article at the very bottom they even claim that Smith and Wesson makes Assault Rifles. Now they may have a line I don’t know about about. I did try and look it up and I couldn’t find a Smith and Wesson Assault Rifle. Closest thing I found was the Smith and Wesson AR-15, and AR-10, a civilian semi-automatic sporting rifle.

But WTF do I know. I have one of those. It sits there nice and quiet in my safe. Maybe it’s been going out at night boogalooing at night while I am asleep.

Hey Mr. or Mrs. /wave Government employee the previous paragraph was a joke. You know, one of those things you say or type on a forum to make people :joy: . :innocent:


About time arms manufacturers fight back!

In 2018, New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy announced that gun manufacturers would be listed in monthly reports showing the source for every “crime gun” recovered by police in the state.

I could understand source being legal/illegal, or source being straw purchase/theft/etc. But a manufacturer being the source is absolutely misleading.