Smith & Wesson 442

I have a 642 with the small wooden grips. I changed them to rubber Pachmayer’s and it made all the difference in the world in shooting. Adding a laser to the 642 turned me into an amazing (to me) accurate shooter to 25 yards. The only drawback to the laser is it isn’t much good in daylight. At dusk, watch out I can put one in a two inch circle the first try at 25 yards. People claim the short barrels are inaccurate. I have two j-frames with lasers on them. It’s not the barrel, its the nut behind the barrel.


I love my S&W revolver! It is the one I have the most confidence in and the most proficiency. It’s my “old friend”, I’ve had it and used it since I was 15 years old. It was my first handgun and has been tried and true! I also have an S&W 9MM that I use, but am less confident with. For complete confidence and to know that I will hit the bullseye without fail, it’s the revolver for me!


I put Altamont grips on my 442, makes room for my pinky. I still have to watch how I position my thumb, or it gets carved up by the cylinder release.


Had a 642. Switched out springs and replaced grip. Very smooth, well functioning gun. 642 and 442 are excellent carry options. However, I preferred a little more weight. So, now I have a 60 snubby. Really good gun.

I’m a revolver convert. Really like them. Some limitations and challenging to shoot well. But can be overcome with practice.


“Revolvers have become quite the obsession for me, I simply can’t get enough of them. I love to drool over them online and at my lgs. There’s few things prettier than a blued revolver with nice wooden grips. There’s nothing cooler than shooting a single action similar to the ones from the days of the Wild West. To think I’m shooting a similar style revolver in the same caliber the outlaws and the good guys used is pretty friggin neat.”

Dinner and a movie followed by wild, passionate sex might take your mind off of drooling over revolvers… Just a thought.:disguised_face: kidding.

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