Sheepdog Response

I’m not sure if everyone seen the email from USCCA but sheepdog response, Tim Kennedy’s business, has an online training course regarding situational awareness that goes for $120 and we can get it for free using a discount code. I watched it all yesterday and it’s definitely a very good online class!


** USCCA Members can get it for free with a discount code in that email. If you’re not a member, now’s the time to join! :wink:


Once the class has been purchased how do we access the content?


@Dawn thank you for the correction😂

@Joseph_1970 create an account first on their website. Then once you purchase the class you’ll see my courses under the tab where you can also access your account and other various topics.


Thanks for the assist, @bmurphy315!!

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I like to think my situational awareness is pretty good. I attribute a lot of that to my military service. I’m looking forward to seeing what this course has to offer. I look forward to having my eyes opened.

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You will receive an email with links to the course. I took it and it does have some good info in it, but it is definitely written for the Sheepdogs.

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I tried to get that free using my code but they charged my credit card…what’s up with that

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@Randyb then I would definitely call their customer support ASAP


Thanks for the share, I love his videos.


I watched it, it was pretty good. I give it a thumbs up :+1: situational awareness :eyes: