Selling a firearm advise

I’m traveling visiting family of mine and my now Fiance, while visiting some of her friends, on the subject of firearms, I received an offer to buy my carbine.

Took forever for me to get it in, might take forever to get another, a Ruger PC carbine.

In terms of the person wanting to buy, they just got their Utah permits and getting their Nevada permits, I don’t think they will have any issue passing a check.

I reside and bought it in Oregon. The potential buyer is a Nevada resident.

Curious what the laws for private sale require if its possible, if a background check is needed for official transfer and such.

The offer to buy is several times what I paid for it, the issue is that I probably won’t find another for some time.

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@Orpackrat- From USCCAs Reciprocity Map. :+1:


Are background checks required for private gun sales in Nevada? Are there exceptions? Yes. As of January 2, 2020, sales are required to be conducted through a licensed federal firearms dealer with a background check. There are exceptions including:

  • The sale or transfer of a firearm between immediate family members, which means spouses and domestic partners. Also included are, whether by whole or half blood, adoption or step-relation: parents, children, siblings, grandparents, grandchildren, aunts, uncles, nieces and nephews.
  • The transfer of a firearm to an executor, administrator, trustee or personal representative of an estate or a trust that occurs by operation of law upon the death of the former owner of the firearm.
  • A temporary transfer of a firearm to a person who is not prohibited from buying or possessing firearms under state or federal law if the transfer is necessary to prevent imminent death or great bodily harm or lasts only as long as immediately necessary to prevent such imminent death or great bodily harm.

[ Nev. Rev. Stat. 202.2547 & 202.2548]

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With today’s society being so litigious I would just ship it to an FFL in his neck of the woods and be done with it unless you fall into one of the above categories in which case you can just ship it to him/her. Get a bill of sale and poof your done. There are ways around most laws out there if you hold your tongue just right and stand on one foot but that is up to you and the man in the mirror. Rifles are not so much of an issue as handguns as an out of state person cannot purchase a hand gun but can buy a rifle. As for the actual letting go of the stick, that is a question only you can answer.




The offer went from a carbine to a carbine and a pistol. Essentially the offer, and I have the holster and extra mags and mag holder on the pistol, a Taurus G2C and Ruger PC carbine both of which the proposed buyer and his wife could easily handle and cycle the action on (when they took their CCW classes and the at range training, they could not cycle them and they were uncomfortable).

Because you can’t find guns or ammo for sale anywhere, these 2 that I have with me (besides the 2 on my person), and that these 2 guns are so comfortable and fit them perfectly (I use these 2 guns to train people interested in guns) the offer to me is 6k for the both.

That would get me out of debt, pay for replacements (if they can be bought by my shop) and put a little in the bank.

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Dude that’s a no brainer. You should stop talking about it on the internet right now. That said I was at a gun show in VA today and there was a table maned by a State Trooper to do private sales $2.00 vs $2.00 and transfer fees. Mayhaps you cold find one while visiting. Barring that if the law requires a FFL transfer where you are standing then that’s what you do. He!! for $6K I’d pay the transfer fee myself but they would probably not bat an eyelash over the $$ to do it legally and would certainly keep you clear of any legal entanglements. Plus you would probably also pick up some good boy points from the potential wife. Wins all around.




Going to do the FFL as required, when they come up to visit on vacation for the wedding I will send them back with some extra boxes of JHP and FMJ and the other set of four 33rd mags for the carbine and such.


Hmmm ok so someone offering you 6 grand sounds legit to you? Even now 6 grand buys a lot of fire power. It’s yours so do as you wish I just don’t get it.

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6k is a bit excessive and even then has me on the fence because I buy my own to fit specific needs and rarely ever sell.

Every place I have been too, the shelves are picked clean and mostly have left the more expensive guns and for this couple, friends of my fiancé since she was in high school, both of these fit them unlike all the others they have seen or tried (so finding both of these let alone just one of them).

Perfectly fine going to an FFL to get the background check for the transfer which is the big thing for me. If its required to be lawful, then that’s how its happening.

6k, I will able to potentially re-buy both or similar models for a fraction of that unless the president, whoever that ends up being, puts an end to all futher purchases… providing these specific guns ever get back in stock.


Really …hahaha only the expensive ones are left. I had some friends from the old days also. They should be getting out in a couple of years. I wish you well

Tell them I have some 5$ a round ammo I can sell them :grin:


That with a silencer? Dang… I could use some spare change, maybe I should put a couple guns on consignment at the local gun store!

I dont know if a gun store can re-sell ammo or not. Maybe offer a gun with a FREE 2K of ammo to go with it! Now I am thinking. That is dangerous. Also, if it were to be asked by a friend, I would go through an FFL but wouldnt gouge them. My conscious wouldnt let me live with myself. To a friend, going through an FFL I would sell an AR with 1K ammo for $1200.00 - $1500.00 and could live with myself afterwards.

Well, the deal is on hold for now, wife brought up some remodeling but I’m going to seek out and find the exact same guns if possible…

The amount over what it was worth shocked me more than anything, he just kept bumping up the amount. He was at 4k for the carbine and he asked about the pistol. I said “included with the carbine” he said no, 2k more…

Left me speechless, its not worth that…

Met the long time friends of my fiancé and the proposed buyer and I got along great, we could talk tech which got my fiance and her family excited as he is normally very quiet…

Basically he saying he has cash sitting and the carbine fits him perfect as he can’t handle a pistol from past injuries and his wife could handle the pistol and operate the slide with ease.

He was willing to pay a bunch to get what fit them both perfectly.

They will be visiting in 6 months so I hope to buy another of each to have a spare and then when appropriate, sell and ship via my shop (FFL) of choice to the FFL near their place to keep all on the up and up.

Left them with a couple emergency water filters for their supplies and a 1oz bar of silver which he tried to give me 100 for. Could not take that as it was not worth that, especially not after what they are offering to get the same as I have… plus since they are building survival kits. I’m going to built some nice quality kits since they are IMO way over paying, try and include a ton more in for some value…