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Where is the video: Best self-defense caliber?? Using search function in main website failed to retrieve it!!??

Even entering my email in the form in YouTube failed to retrieve the link


YouTube link to video may be broken (which is likely the case if you are able to access other video). If you can’t get anything on YouTube it may be a temporary system interruption. You might try entering “Video on best self-defense caliber” directly into your search engine.


if and when you find the video, I suggest you consider that there is no best calibre for everyone. There may be a best calibre for you, and a different best calibre each for your buddy, your spouse, and your elderly parent. There are ongoing discussions on this topic in various gun forums and videos.
Before you can determine best, you have to determine your criteria: gun size for grip comfort; gun size for ease of carry and concealability; availability of reasonable cost training and carry ammo; common calibre for carry and home defense; gel block penetration (FBI test); gel block cavity size (wound size); recoil you are willing to handle for regular practice; etc.


Instead of looking for video I’ll suggest to read articles about defense calibers.
We already spent a lot of time discussing this.

But even that, the best caliber for defense depends on application it will be used for. Shooter’s ability, environment conditions… these are only two of many factors…


Totally agree. We all want self-defense, but some of us are unable to handle 9mm because of hand problems or age. I am still looking for a 9mm handgun which does not cause intense pain and bruising. I am in super shape for my age, but my hands are not. Go figure. So, I deal with it. At the same time, if I use a weapon which causes further injury, then I am putting myself (and those I am trying to defend) into an even more compromising position. I am working with my SIRT on the smallest targets at 7 yards. Quarter size, and no larger. The practice handgun which works for me (without issues) is the 380EZ. Okay, not the best defensive weapon, but if I can get my accuracy down, I am sure there is a defensive round which could stop an assailant. We all have to work with what God gave us to work with.


If you aren’t sure, and you don’t have major physical limitations in your ability to use your hands, the answer is almost always 9mm (9x19, 9mm NATO, 9mm Luger, 9mm Parabellum) aka The 9mm.

Don’t forget larger and heavier guns are easier on the hands, so work on clothing/holster/concealment options for a larger pistol as needed.

If you can’t do a service caliber (9mm, .40 S&W, .45 ACP, .38spl, .357 magnum) then consider a high quality .380 in a large enough platfform or maybe a Beretta Tomcat, S&W EZ, Walter F-Series or HK VP9 (yeah those are 9mm), just spit balling answers



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The correct answer is;

The largest round you are comfortable shooting from an extremely compromised position.

A well placed .22 is more effective than a mag dump of .44 mag misses.

Just food for thought,

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After reading, watching, and listening to “Caliber Wars” ad nauseum for over 4 decades, I can safely say you’re not missing anything. Find a caliber your are comfortable with shooting and become profecient with it.


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The best I have been able to find in .380 is the Federal Hydra-Shok Deep. It consistently meets the FBI minimum standards for penetration and reliable expansion at least out to reasonable ranges.

It is a step down from 9mm, especially if you need to shoot through barriers like car windows or doors. But it should be pretty effective for most self defense scenarios. Just plan on likely needing more than 1 round to stop a determined threat even if you are using 9mm, .40 or .45, etc. Pistol rounds are far less effective at stopping determined threats than quality self defense rifle rounds.


Barrel length has a lot to do with the power factor of the ammo one uses. The longer the better. Just say


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More like best individually prefered caliber :us: :us: :us:

U Tube is not allowing it to be posted. They have been cracking down on gun stuff

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YouTube kind of sucks that way.


What video is YouTube not allowing to be posted?

I do agree in a way but I find plenty of useful information on it. Like how to replace the drive belt on my POS cub cadet (I’ll never own another one). Once this one dies I’m seriously considering just letting a lawn service mow it from now on.

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Just type this:

and you find over 100 videos. Enough to watch them for next few months…


Here’s a great resource for comparing handgun calibers. Basically, any caliber .380 and up are similar enough in “stopping power” that, like was said above, it comes down to what you can shoot well. Find a platform you can shoot really well, whether it’s .380 or .45 or 9mm or whatever, and practice so much it’s second nature. Your ability to protect yourself will be maximized by your skill, not the cartridge in the chamber.