Self-Defense Blog Bracket: Round 6

Semi-Finals Round 2

There is a difference between budget handguns and cheap guns. You don’t want to end up with something that is unreliable when you need it most. The good news is that there are quality handguns available that won’t break the bank. Bob Campbell breaks down five good options that cost less than $500.

5 Best Budget Handguns

Luke Wirkkala’s life was turned upside down when a man he invited into his home to watch the Super Bowl brutally attacked him. Wirkkala dashed into his bedroom and retrieved a 12-gauge shotgun, blocking the hall to where his girlfriend and her two boys dreamed peacefully. The man charged him, forcing Wirkkala to take his life. While this might sound like a clear case of self-defense, a jury convicted Wirkkala and he spent eight years behind bars. Not until 2021 was he able to find justice.

Eight Years Behind Bars: The Luke Wirkkala Story

  • 5 Best Budget Handguns
  • Eight Years Behind Bars: The Luke Wirkkala Story

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