Have tournament fever this month?

Well, we’ve created a self-defense bracket for you!

Choose the best article from one of these four categories: Home Defense, Drills & Skills, Reviews, and News & True Stories.

The winners of the first round will then face off in the semi-finals, with the victors battling in the championship to see which one will be crowned king of the blog.

Watch for posts from USCCA to vote on your favorite articles from the USCCA Firearms & Self-Defense Blog and help us crown a winner in each poll.

Let the best blog post win!


No. I don’t.


Spring fever more like it…
Second week in a row I’ll come from the club ahead of the game. Scrap metal place on the way, last week I sold some steel roofing, today I picked up a water heater… Separate the metals tomorrow morning, make my ammo and gas money.
Maybe I should start a blog…cheapskates guide to shooting!:call_me_hand:


What tournament is going on? If it is March Madness then it is nothing pay attention to. And it is just a big waist of time. I never watch any B-ball. Not even the Racist Anti-American NBA that keeps dealing with China.


Gonzaga for the win! Who let the dogs out?

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Why didn’t we have a PGA Players Championship bracket? Or maybe come NHL playoff time, something like that?

I don’t watch sports that promote kneeling for our National Anthem or that promote the domestic terrorist group of BLM. So why do we need to have a “shadow” event that mirrors the NCAA “March Madness” nonsense?