Safety question for hangfire/misfire

So recently purchased a 22 heritage revolver and am loving it. My only question before I take it to the range is what happens if it misfires or hangfire a? I know 22 is very susceptible to this and with a revolver was curious what the procedure was to handle it?

I know if I hear a click no bang and no ejection in semi auto wait 3-5 seconds then re-rack a new round. Pop no bang wait 10-15 seconds and strip the gun cause it’s probably a squib. But in a revolver how do I handle it? My revolver uses an ejection rod to empty the cylinder so i can’t empty it quickly and rack a new round. I know to always keep it pointed in a safe direction incase it decides to go off.

I just don’t want the cylinder to spin and then have the round cook off when it’s not aligned with the barrel. That would be a bad day… Suggestions, comments, questions anything would be helpful. Just want to be safe about it.


The correct answer for a “click” no “bang” is to wait 30 - 50 seconds before clearing it (unless someone is shooting at you in which case tap, (the magazine) rack (the slide/bolt) and reload. If you hear a "pop " but no hole in target inspect the tube for a boolit obstruction, in the case of a revolver also inspect the cylinder.

Miss fires are infinitely more common than hang fires but in a non stress position wait the time. Then not only check the pistol clear in its various holes but check the condition of the primer (or rim in the case of 22LR).




Hi Bubear.

Jeffrey 26 and I mentioned it in a string from today, titled Center Fire Vs. Rim Fire:
Center fire vs. rim fire - #2 by OldGnome . However, what a great question. I think I may type your question in the search finder magnifying glass above to see what else the group wrote. I would not be surprised you receive some good responses herein. I ordered a .22 revolver, waiting for it. I have a .22 rifle and have had misfires.

One of my course instructors shared wait at least 30 seconds, if on the range, as you mentioned keeping it pointed safely at the paper target. I believe, then ejector rod out all of the cartridges, and find the dud by its pin mark on its case, and ask the range how to discard it.

Looking forward to the replies.


If it is a misfire keep the firearm pointed in a safe direction, down range preferably, after about 30 seconds open the cylinder and clear the misfired round. If it’s a squib round it would sound like the gun fired but less sound, don’t pull the trigger again because then you will be having a bad day because the next round fired will not push the one stuck in the barrel. You get the idea. Be careful and be safe. Hope this helps.


Reviewing the “owners manual” on a Colt .38 revolver, “it” reads that if there is a misfire, keep it pointed in a safe direction, wait two minutes. I imagine it can happen in semi-autos as well, when you hear or feel a click, but no bang, if in the range, keeping it on the target, did not realize they would recommend 2 minutes, not seconds. I need to remember this especially when using .22.

I’m not sure though, if with semi’s, one should follow the same exact steps.


Manufacturers always give extra time… just in case… in case of lawsuit…
With misfire at the range or during fun shooting - 30 seconds for semi-autos and revolvers is enough.
During self defense… you don’t want to wait even 1 second :face_with_raised_eyebrow: Tap-rack-bang, back in action.

Typical hanfire time example:

Extra advice:
Always wear waist belt, otherwise you are gonna be twice more embarrassed. :wink: